Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 23 (End of Diend)

Kamen rider Decade Ep 23 1/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 23 2/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 23 3/3

Summary : Nearly killed by Lance, Kaito is spared when Larc stops her partner as he reminds her that he is the reason that Junichi is under Fourteen's control. After escaping the angry mob, parting from Haruka and Shin, Kaito and Tsukasa find Natsumi who tells them that Yuusuke has been kidnapped by the Roaches before Junichi arrives. After remembering the events leading to his brother's enslavement, Kaito is reluctant to fight as he and Tsukasa transform to follow Junichi, leaving the brain-washed Yuusuke behind and taking Natsumi to undergo the process as well. The next day, finding himself a wanted man as well, Tsukasa decides to help Kaito in spite of him refusing his aid at first. Using Kaito as bait to trade for the now brain-washed Natsumi, Tsukasa lures out Fourteen. While Lance and Larc battle Glaive and the Darkroaches, Diend and Decade battle Fourteen as he reveals his true form as Jashin 14. Though overwhelmed, Decade assumes Complete Form and uses Armed Hibiki's power to destroy him. Though the Roaches fade away and the brainwashed humans return to normal, Glaive attacks Diend and reveals that he willingly served Fourteen. With Decade holding Larc and Lance back, Diend battles Glaive on his own in a heated battle with neither wanting to kill the other. Tsukasa ends the battle, telling the brothers that Daiki now has faith in himself. Junichi leaves and Tsukasa and Kaito go off to the next world, a strange one that Narutaki hopes will overwhelm Decade.