Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KL Haze

* Pic taken while i m driving.. *

The pics above was took at Bukit Bintang area today, time around 6.45pm. I was shock for seeing d super thick haze after my movie. Is like covered up the whole KL. OH GOD! PLS RAIN! this haze already cause some minor sickness and uncomfortable feeling on me. Why muz it haze every year? cant they do something to prevent it? =(

Anyway i went to watched 17 Again with Yvonne & Sooyan at Pavillion. Yea i know this movie release very long adi n now only i got d chance to watch XD..

in my personal opinion, i kinda like d movie storyline. It gimme feeling and moral behind d story, which is human will never had second chance in life and do appreciated what v had now. Unless we are lucky enuf to get life guardian to perform transformation magic on us like zac efron? XD

* from left to right : Mike (2009) and turn to Jr. Mike (1989) *

Lets see, what will i do if i reli back to 17 again? GOD DAMN! I m not gonna back to school and study for SPM! hahaha...perhap, it just 4 years difference if i back to 17 which ppl wun get shock anyway..why?

* From left to right : Me (17) and Me (21) *

coz i still look d same, ignore d hair...XP

p/s ok mayb i grow fatter now..T__T