Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Final Paktorlogy in this Season

I never expect i could spend my time wif my dearie today. I tod i gotta wait until end of this year for her to return KL. Oh well, nth much today actually. I spend time wif her for lunch and walking around at Pasar Seni area.

Went to pick up her after her medical check up. I am crawling for Nandos since last week, so i grab this opportunity to brought her there for lunch. We went to get Nandos at Wangsa Maju, Alpha Angle (Jaya Juco..DUH!).

It have been a year since i ate Nandos. As usual, i'll ordered Hot Peri-Peri! I cant take d highest level peri peri coz Hot Peri-Peri enuf to cause me generate a sexy lips..LOL!!

* Hot peri peri chicken *

After get our lunch, we went to walk at Pasar Seni. She wanted to go populor for book-shopping. While on d way, i saw a lonely hawker woman (i guess) sitting on d floor and selling her stuffs...kinda pity on this kind unfortunate ppl.

* No one could ever notice her...pity her..*

Spend time in d Populor store wif my dear for few hours. She looking some exercise book for her bro while i browse through some humor and photography books. We went back after she made up her mind a book she should bought for herself.

It was my last time to spend time and meet her today. She gonna back to malacca this fri and i m sure she'll b pretty bz. I wonder we could click in touch as much as possible onot, but i promise i'll do my best ;)



wen pink said...

Aww so sweet.. but don worry, Melaka is so near only :)

Jackie Loi said...

haha..yea..but hardly spend time to go there..=)