Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My very first 2.5" Portable Hard Drive

From my previous post, i said i went to lowyat to get my portable hard drive. D reason i need it lappie hard disk left less than 1GB spaces only. OMG! I had too much photos in d disk since i get my DSLR. And i dowan delete those pics coz it was very precious to me =(..

Since it was my first time and i have no experienced in choosing hard drive, i wondered around lowyat looking for a suitable and not so costly one. Vic and Bern suggested me to have a look on 2nd last floor shop (i forgot what d shop name). After choosing and look around, finally i make my mind to bought d 1 wif rubber casing, Trnscend brand. It cost me RM249 for 320GB wif 2 years warranty.

* My hard drive in d box =) *

* Unboxing *

* Ta daa! Rubber casing..good? hope so =) *

* The size of my HD *

Weee! Finally i got myself one portable hard drive! =D...i can store all my importance file and delete it from my lappie since my lappie very damn lag recently! =)