Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chi Hua Hua Is Back! Season 2

I went to my aunt house at Selayang today. The main reason was to visit her newly born Chi Hua Hua's. The first moment i saw all of them, i heart it!! So cute lo! As a dog lover, i couldn't resist myself went to hug them.

* When in the cage. They doesnt afraid of strangers *

* 4 Siblings *

There are 6 puppies of Chi Hua Hua's. 2 brown, 3 brown mix white and the last black mix white. I love the black mix white most. It so adorable and cute.

* Ta daa! 6 Chi Hua Hua's *

* So cuteeee! *

* My most fav Chi Hua Hua's *

* So innocent look...awwwwww *

For those who wanna read my season 1 Chi Hua Hua post, click here.

till then, enjoy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 30 (Rider War: Prologue)

Kamen rider Decade Ep 30 1/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 30 2/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 30 3/3

Summary : When Natsumi realizes that this is the world from her nightmares, she becomes wary for Tsukasa's well-being. Finding him in a tuxedo and feeling that this is the final chapter to their journey, they witness Wataru and Kazuma leading their respective Rider/monster groups against each other. After Rising Ixa and Leangle are killed off in the fight, Tsukasa makes his way to Wataru as he grieves over Ixa's death. Meeting the Fangire Queen Yuki, they learn from Wataru that the Riders are fighting each other to maintain the existence of their worlds. Returning to Hikari Studio after refusing to take sides, Natsumi reveals her dreams as Narutaki appears and reveals it to be the work of Apollo Geist and asks Tsukasa to stop Dai-Shocker. Tsukasa and Yuusuke attempt to set up peace between Wataru and Kazuma so they can stop Dai-Shocker together, but the two are too focused on protecting their worlds to listen. While this occurs, Natsumi finds the young riders of the World of Hibiki being overpowered by Saga and the Fangires until only Hibiki remains. After killing Saga with Daiki's aid, Asumu mourns over his friends as he shows Daiki that there some treasures that should never be taken. Learning that Apollo Geist is to marry Yuki, Tsukasa heads to the wedding to investigate. Coming with Garren to his aid, Blade and Decade destroy the Fangires and the Undead with Diend's help. But Guy assumes his new Super Apollo Geist form and quickens the merging of the Nine Worlds into the World of the Rider War, completely eliminating the World of Blade and causing Blade and Garren to disappear. Elsewhere, another man arrives in this A.R. World, identified by Daiki as Kazuma Kenzaki, who points out Dai-Shocker is not their true enemy.

Bloggers Gathering : SS15 Burger Stall

Last 2 days Ken organize another burger outing with bloggers. OMG! If this happen once a week my tummy is expending all direction T__T..This time the burger outing set at SS15, the stall that i went last time after MDG event.

* The burger stall *

Not much ppl attending the outing since every1 was busy with their stuff. Not to mention Jess who overslept and miss d gathering =P. The ppl who attending are :

* Ken, PY & Joyce *

* Zhao (who came a while), me & Howard (who left early) *

Well, i ordered Burger Ayam Double Cheese Special since the last time i ordered Chicken Foldover only.

* Burger Ayam Double Cheese Special *

I dunno why, i felt that sauce of this burger this time not as much as last time. Last time every1 called that burger from the stall as "burger banjir"..but how come this time so little sauce only? =(..i abit disappointed though..

* J's burgers *

Some of us ate the burger with hand, which was traditional finger licking good way. For ppl who wan clean and dowan dirty their own hand, we use FORK, modern and polite way..hahaha

* Fork VS Hand *

Nothing much to do last nite actually. We just hang around for one hours and went back adi. We even saw Chris at the stall as well, with Shaz. I guess Chris reli loyal customer and fans for this stall =P..alrite i end my post with 2 group pics =)

* Group pic *

* With Chris & Shaz * - pic credits to Shaz

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bloggers Gathering : KFC Fiesta part 2

Went to had KFC as dinner last nite wif Joe, Max, Nicol & Yeng at Taman Connought because they never attend the first time fiesta. Oh btw, they not only bloggers, but also uni-mate of mine.

At 1st we supposely to get dinner at SS2 since Joe wanted to try new food at there or a western restaurant suggested by Yeng that located at Bukit Jalil. However plan changed and we went to get KFC.

Since i havent spend finish my voucher tat day, i grab this opportunity to treated them dinner. 5 of us went to KFC around 9pm. The service there kinda slow..i dunno is customer prob or reli their service prob since i m not d 1 do d ordering job. Well, as usual, i cant resist to get myself KFC Spicy Chicken everytime i m here.

* Spicy Chicken, yummy! *

* Nicol & Yeng *

* Joe & Max *

While we were chatting half way, suddenly a finger issue been pointed out by me when i knew max finger can tilt abnormally...later on all of them playing their fingers and show off their ability...

* Salty Pig Hand (Ham Chu Sau) & Duck leg...i m glad my finger normal XD *

Anyway, is a great dinner last nite. Get to chat alot about our childhood stuff. Unfortunately our dear max been summoned by police before he went back...pity u pal..haha

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Birthday, We Party!

Greeting! For those who know, this year gonna be a biggest year for me in my whole life. Why? I gonna turn to adult in this year. How? by equiping belt and shout HENSHIN? la..i gonna turn into 21 years old in less than 2 more months. Guess when my birthday? here for d answer

Though is my biggest day, my parents just make it not a big deal. They never plan to have a birthday party for me where i can invite every single friend i knew and my others relative to celeb together. To be honest i dun reli bother it.after all i never ever had a birthday party for myself except when i m 6~7 years old that time.

Most of the time i celeb birthday party with buddies in small group by treated them dinner and they gonna get me present and cake. Talking my birthday experience i ever had, to be honest i dun feel any special on it. Just like normal outing to had meal with buddies. I started to celeb my birthday with my buddies since year 2005~2008.

* 2005 - Dinner*

* 2006 - Dinner*

* 2007 - Red Box *

Oh this year i nv had any plan yet =P

In other way, i attended few birthday celebration friends of mine. We bought cake and celeb with them in school or they held their birthday party in their home. Sometime i am jealous that they able to held birthday party for themself and i cant. Some of them was held by their bf. OWhhh so kind of them

* Kavia birthday (2006). Celeb in class. He attracted alot girl wei *

* Weng yi birthday (2007). Held by Eric. UHhhm seem like he going to kiss her.. *

* Peigee birthday (2007), party held in her house *

* keanyuu birthday (2007). Steamboat party held in his house *

Well, for me, i celeb birthday wif my gf once in my school library where only me and her invited for that =P. And thats d only and once birthday i every celeb wif her until now..

* My dear birthday (2007), in school library *

anyway, the most touched birthday celebration i ever experiences was with my grandma where every close relative of her celeb wif her. At 1st we all pretend that not free to celeb her birthday and only left my 2nd uncle celeb for her. Thus she become very sad and frust. However, we hide at nearby and gave her a surprise she was so happy until cried. I guess if my grandpa still alive, our family members was complete...

* My grandma birthday (2008) *

* All her son,daugther, son/daugther-in-law & all her grandchildren *

In addition, the most rocks birthday celebration i ever experience was Jess & Eve birthday batch that held this year. I was shock when Jess invited to her birthday at Zouk. Thats mean it was my official 1st time went to club with "CUSTOMER" identity. She manages to invited 30 buddies to celeb her birthday at that nite from 11pm~3am. It was a serious nice experience for me and my first time celeb birthday with all friends i knew through blogging =D. For more story, click here.

* group pic *

* Bottom UP! *

* The birthday girls *

* She drunk *

* and another 1... *

Anyway, enough of jealousy on ppl birthday celebration! in conjunction of D'Ultimate Birthday Bash by DiGi that going to happen on 3rd oct this year, i am invited to attend this partyyy thanks to Jess =) wooops!

FYI, D'Ultimate Birthday Bash by DiGi is an upcoming event for everyone to attend where the party actually CELEBRATES EVERYONE'S BIRTHDAY. Plus the event will havev LOTS OF PRIZES AND PERFORMANCES BY RENOWNED LOCAL ARTISTS. Well, for more info logon to

So what else i can say? since my parents dowan make any birthday party for me and i dun have any plan yet. This is seriously a perfect event for me!! In addition i get to celeb it with my blogger friends, for the first time!! I bet i gonna remember this moment forever! gonna be nice experience for my journey.

See you guys there ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Murderer (殺人犯) Premier Screening

Date : 25 August (Tuesday)
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : Cathay Cinneplex, Cineleisure

Courtesy of Nuffnang, i got to watch Murderer Premier Screening. Wow, almost one week once movie from Nuffnang adi...haha..due to that reason i from some1 who very seldom go to cinema for movie become very active to it now. Well, after all that's one of d chance i get to meet with my friends and gathered.

Before the screening, few of us went to Station Kopitian that located at Cineleisure for dinner. Coincidence we met TC,Nicole & her sis, Wern in d restaurant.

* Max, Amanda & Sam *

* TC & Wern *

If i m not mistaken, this was my second time having meal in Station Kopitiam. I remembered i having it once with my parent at Kepong Carrefour. I ordered Omelet Fried Rice as my dinner which only cost RM6.90.

* Omelet Fried Rice *

And here come the group pic after dinner, thanks to Joshua for d photograph.

* Sam after effect because of flash from my cam..haha *

After the dinner, we headed to Nuffnang booth to collect our tics.

* Nuffnang Booth *

* Jeng jeng jeng, all my tics =D *

* Wen Pink so happy to meet Joshua again..LOL *

There is another hours to spend before the screening start, thus Sam suggested to have a bowling match on upstair. 6 of us which were me, Sam, Amanda, Max, Kristine & Joshua went to play while others bloggers join up to meet us at there later.

* Kristine entering the bowler name *

* I wonder what is Sam looking...cough cough.. *

I took this opportunity to test some shoot and i guess i did d correct way. d shoot i wanted to try out is make the background in motion but the subject clear and sharp.

* Bowler : Amanda & Kristine *

* Bowler : Joshua & Max *

After some of the bloggers came to meet up us at the bowling centre, they start camwhoring around. Being "stimulated" by their action, i catch few of them camwhore wif me..hahahaha

* Adele, Jacq, Amanda & Kristine *

Ok i know i look suck..i hate my freaking long hair now!! ROARR!!! Anyway, another group pic at bowling centre. Thanks to Jonathan for the photograph.

* group pic at bowling centre *

We were late to the movie for 15 min due to the bowling match. As result i miss d front part of d movie. Nevertheless, lets grab some summary of the movies :

Ling (Aaron Kwok) is a self-assured Police Chief Inspector. He solved numerous difficult cases, has a flawless track record, and is nominated for a major promotion. He has a gentle wife, an adorable son and a posh lifestyle. In every sense, he is as enviable as he is successful. His perfect life takes an abrupt turn when, on one of his operations, he faints and wakes up to discover his short-term memory is damaged, and his top colleague mercilessly killed in the same building. Ling's colleague is the third victim of a cold-blooded serial murder. Each time, the victim dies a slow death in unimaginable pain. At the height of his life, Ling encounters this most vicious murderer in Hong Kong's crime history. He must catch the killer at all costs. But as Ling sifts through the clues, he finds that all the evidence point towards himself!

"ORPHAN!! ORPHAN!! WTF!!! ORPHAN!!"...i guess this was every1 reaction in d cinema last nite for those who already watched Orphan movie. I hate to admit but i have to say, the story line and concept more or less exactly like Orphan movie. If u get what i mean, then u'll know how the whole story going on already. Anyway i am not gonna reveal any spoiler on this movie. To be fair, i push aside Orphan movie and i have to say that this movie was pretty good at the beginning of the show where all evidence was pointing on Aaron Kwok as the Electric Hand Drill murderer. However till middle and ending of the show was pretty expectable..Abit disappointed though..Go watch this show if u havent watch Orphan unless u dun mind been disturb by the same scene again or u r die heart Aaron Kwok fans.

* Aaron Kwok..... scary? *

* He gonne kill his Sonny. Why? Sonny is the key point in this show *

* My fav actress in the movie, Ning Chang *

* Not to forget Chin Ka Lok & Eddie Cheung *

* Aaron kwok who lost his memories... *

Sam moral value from both movie - Never adopt children...
My moral value from both movie - I can adopt children but not those look smart and cute cute type. I'll adopt those "bodo bodo" look..hahaha

We gathered at Cineleisure main entrance after the movie for another group pic..

* A larger group pic *

And i failed getting a nice shoot..Sorry Ren, ur face been chop off =(..Another moral value behind my experience, bring TRIPOD NEXT TIME IF I WANNA GET NICE SHOOT!! LOL..