Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Banana Leaf Rice at MayFlower

Damn i cough none stop last nite. My cough is getting worst. Hope not h1n1. Due to that, i m force to wear mask when go out now...

* I look not bad rite? haha *

Just back from lunch with my friends at brickfield. We went to MayFlower Restaurant to had Banana Leaf Rice. That shop actually was a hawker store style and the only store u can get Banana Leaf Rice is Moorthy's Mathai Indian Rice store where every1 was craving for it.

* The shop *

Four of us which are me, Joe, Max & Bala went there.

* Bala *

* Max *

* Joe *

Each of us are given a huge banana leaf with a rice, veggie & crackers. We can add on chicken, fish or beef on it. You're given choices to use spoon or hand to eat.

* Adding veggie on it *

* Then cracker *

* Jeng jeng jeng, here is d banana leaf rice *

* Beef *

* Chicken *

Total of the food today was RM7 each for us including the adds on. It was a nice place to recommend to everyone. It usually packed with workers around during lunch and dinner hours.


Anonymous said...

Hi, glad you enjoyed the banana leaf makan.
Thanks for recommendations and blog writeup.