Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cousin Wedding Dinner at Seremban

OMG! I not enough sleep in this 3 days continuously..i dun mind for not getting enuf sleep but the prob is i need drive out early, as early as in 6am..damn sleepy lo...sigh..

Still remember my very first cousin who just married? He came to Malaysia to had a wedding dinner last night with all relative at here. The dinner was held at one of the Seremban, Regent Restaurant.

* Regent Restaurant @ Seremban *

* Inside the thing contain various type of choco *

he booked 3 table for d dinner and started wif the serving tea to the elder ceremony or WHATEVER-IT-CALL...LOL...

* Table #1 *

* Table #2 *

* Table #3 *

* Serving Tea *

There are 7 types of dishes with a refreshment served to us. i like few of d dishes..i'll try hard to list down it now 1 by 1....

* Shark Fin Soup *

* I dunno what is this but nice! it contain 5 difference things in a plate*

* Fish *

* Prawn *

* Duck *

* Vegie *

* Lo Mai Rice *

Overall the wedding dinner is just like normal dinner. I was expecting more than that actually coz i nv attend any wedding b4..haha..well, i end this post wif whole family pic =)

* Jeng jeng jeng, the main character of that night *

* His bro and gf, soon to b husband n wife =P *

* Family =) *