Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Film Studies Assignment

Yes! Finally finish movie shooting for my Film Studies final assignment! No need wake up early anymore for shooting! weee!

* From left : Jackie, Tat, Yeng, Nicol & Nic *

Thanks for all hard works guy =). Video is 70% done. Will publish in my blog once i submit this assignment on this fri. YOSH!

I am going to UP Premier Screening later! thanks to Timothy and Nuffnang =)


Boon said...

WOW!!! u guys shooting short film as well... What u study in ur uni? Can i watch u guys short film? hehe! coz i study film-making and minor theater... juz wanna to look on the style u guys use... If u free... there is my short film trailer in my blog too "IN THE DEEP"... watch it n give some comment on it lor...


Jackie Loi said...

lol i study 3D animation..this is my first film class la..wah show u ah? buat malu jer coz our film damn lauya =P..hahaha