Sunday, August 02, 2009

KK's Home Made Pan Mee

My dad brought us to this restaurant for lunch. This shop was recommended b4 by Chiu Ling in "1 day 5 meals" (Yat Yat Ng Chan) show. After watched the show, mum was curious to try it out. Same goes to me since i m crawling for superb nice Pan Mee.

This shop is located somewhere Kepong Baru area..forgot d exact location.

* KK's HomeMade Pan Mee *

* The menu *

Well, since it was homemade, i expected they not using machine to make d mee. However i m disappointed when i ordered think dry pan mee.

* HomeMade Dry Pan Mee (thick) *

* Rojak *

My comment on the food, yes, it was nicer compare to outside pan mee that u can get from hawker stall yet nothing special on it. I still miss d Pan Mee from Six Noodle House shop that located nearby at Prima Setapak but unfortunately they bankrupt since last year..i am so sad when i knew it. Their Pan Mee is superb nice taste that you couldn't get from other shop.