Thursday, August 13, 2009

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia Passes

well i never expect i could get myself a pass for MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia. Thanks to Kristine for keep "stimulate" me know what happen click here..LOL

anyway i went to Juice office today to collect my tics from Kevin. At 1st i tod it gonna be mosh pit. D moment i hold d passes, "WHAT? RED ZONE?"...and then i went to called Kristine and inform her tat and she said "Good la, red zone can bring cam"...0___0..i dunno mosh pit kenot bring cam...hahaha

* My passes. 1 for me 1 for Kristine *

anyway here are the official map of the event tat nite. basically red zone just behind mosh pit. hopefully my 18~55mm lens good enuf for me to get nice pic of that nite.

* The map *

* Ok i long time din camwhore adi..ahaha *


jason said...

cool. i got 4 free tickets as well, red zones, from MTV. they snail mailed it to me. haha. enjoy~

Jackie Loi said...

hahha..c u tmrw then =P