Friday, August 07, 2009

Photograph Eva Lim at Rundown Shopping Complex & Backlane

* I love this pose most ^^ *

Went to photoshooting model again last Wednesday. This time more photographer participated on the shooting. Those photographer are me, Mike (Organizer), Ken, Hitomi, Alex & Coco. Guess what? the model was my sis, Eva.

* Ok, i know this expression wrong...*

* I wonder... *

* Wondering around the dark... *

We went to photoshoot at a rundown shopping complex and also backlane. I felt i did quite badly on this time photoshooting as i m not putting 100% effort on it. I guess because too much people and few of us are sharing one SB-600 flash.

* At the backlane *

* Okie! I know this is rule of third! XD *

Anyway, i'll practice more. I know i m still lag of lighting & composition wise. Will look at more pics and try to learn from others photographer =)

Before i sign out, pls do comment my pics =)


Jacquelyn Ho said...

Last pic a bit senget one? O_o

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

HOLY SHIT! I dissed your sister??! sorry!! >.< How can be your sis? you loi..she lim..=/

Jackie Loi said...

@jacq coz i hold it senget then mai senget lo XD

@kristine hahaha pet sis la..LOL..but then dif parent kenot ah? =P

mknace said...

i think you should put in more effort in it

CWKen said...

y am i always the last to post? lol

Stripped Steph said...

why ur model no makeup one..remembe next shoot add extra makeup or else u will see tat its washed up like this one

Amanda said...

O.O she looks kinda moody and angry about something eh...SORRY O.O

HitoMi^^ said...

no lah, ken, i will be later lol

I love the first one also lol...

A-Lex said...

cwken and hitomi> I gonna be the last 1... now sick and no time to do it. LOL

Nice photos you have there, jackie.

Jackie Loi said...

@mknace yea..but then i reli no mood tat day..XD

@ken hahaha...coz u produce quality work ma =P

@steph errr..i tod she did make up? i knew she did! but...LOL...

@amanda haha u mean 1st pic? =P

@hitomi heh thx

@alex thx..u got alot nice pic too =)..n take care ya

IndependentQueen said...

actually very hard to give right face expression hor... Ima fan of America's Next Top Model series, during the photoshoot, even 50 frames not enough to get 1 piece of good shot.

Anyway, nice experiment tho.

Jeffro said...

I kinda like the first picture.. got attitude.. though wasnt even (model point, not picture point.. ) lol.. out of topic.. hahahhaa but was good shot.. :D

katty said...

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