Saturday, September 19, 2009

Handmade Mooncake

I believe there are various types of mooncake in market now such as durian mooncake, ice-cream mooncake and etc. However, i still feel d normal mooncake d best for me =P

I dunno where my mum got this handmade mooncake from but it seem not bad.

* E-Tasty *

* 10 in 1 *

The size of the mooncake was 1/2 smaller (almost like sau pau size) compare to the normal size. It came wif various type of flavours such as Pandan, linyung & hak chi mah. In addition, each of d mooncake contain 1 full egg yolk. woops!

* Jeng Jeng Jeng *

* It seem like sau pao at 1st glance..LOL *

* long time din camwhore alone..hahaha *

Well, Mid Autumn Festival AKA Mooncake Festival drop on 3rd oct this tear, which is same day as my birthday. In addition, 5th oct i'll join d celebration wif my unimate. It's gonna b fun =)


chris@dotagaki said...

ahaha nvr liked mooncake with egg yolks :P But still.... those mooncakes look vry shiny and tempting lol.

HitoMi^^ said...

walau, it is in my stomach and poof into the toilet edi!!

tak belanja me??

HitoMi^^ said...

I know where to buy!! mau beli kat saya tak??

Baby said...

never like mooncake.. and the people sell them months before the actual date.. see so many until got bored..

anyway, your mooncakes looks tempting..

Jackie Loi said...

@chris LOL..mooncake is nice k! =P

@hitomi huh? -__-

@jolene LOL..u dun like coz is not nice, not healthy or coz d yolk? haha..thx for ya compliment =)

HitoMi^^ said...

it is ok lah...i had it long now gone into toilet liao lol