Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Review

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes, one of the perfect game for all riders fans. This is the first rider game (exclude KR Cardass) ever that featured all heisei era rider, from Kuuga to Decade.

I never though that i actually got chance to play this game. My dad bought my sis PS2 last few weeks and i grab this opportunity to bought KR Climax Heroes to play.

Base on wikipedia,

Combat in the game operates on a basic three-button system, encompassing Weak Attack, Strong Attack, and Special Attacks (such as the various Rider Kicks). In addition to this, each Rider has the ability to perform a Form Change once the Rider Gauge at the bottom of the screen fills, whether by dealing or receiving damage or by charging the meter. Form Change can be used as a counter or to extend combos. A number of Riders also have the ability to summon Strikers, such as Ryuki's Contract Monster Dragredder or Den-O's DenLiner.

In Decade Mode, the player follows Tsukasa Kadoya's journey through the nine Heisei Kamen Rider worlds as Kamen Rider Decade, fighting the other Riders and attempting to prevent the destruction of the worlds. Decade Mode differs from standard gameplay in that Decade's Form Change and Special Attacks are customizable with KamenRide Cards and Final FormRide Cards earned as the player progresses. The missions in the mode are divided by three levels, with the easiest missions can be played in Level 1 while the hardest can be found in Level 3. Level 2 and 3 can be unlocked as the player progress in Level 1.

Yes, this game was featured all main rider from Heisei period. In additional of some secondary riders such as Ixa, Zeronos & Diend. There will be Dark Decade as well, the most powerful rider as he deal alot & receive a little amount of damage. Meanwhile, some riders can be seen in Decade Mode such as Ouja (summoned by Diend when he use special attack), Gatack, Ryuga, Nega Den-O, Dark Kabuto, G3-X and also Auto Vajin (Faiz Vehicle).

What can i say from this game? it was a great game of coz but i am abit disappointed with d incomplete form for some riders. Lets start with Kuuga. The only form available for Kuuga are Mighty Form (Default), Dragon Form, Pegasus Form, Titan Form and Amazing Mighty Form which only appear on his finisher. Where is Kuuga most powerful form, Ultimate form? not to mention others Rising form.

Next, Agito. The only form available are Ground Form (Default), Trinity Form & Burning Form that only appear in his special attack & finisher. The missing form are Storm Form, Flame Form & Shining Form. However i love Agito rider kick. It reli can deal double kick combo if u know how to use it.

Kamen Rider Ryuki was fine since he only got 1 ultimate form, which is Survive Form. And his rider kick is d coolest among all. Kinda love to use his blade since can deal a reli mean damage to opponent.

The only form available for Faiz is Axel Form which can be change normally in game and appear in finisher. Again, i wan Faiz Blaster form available in this game. He is cool with the form...=(

Kamen Rider Blade has 2 form in d game which are Ace Form (Default) and King Form where can be change normally and in finisher like Faiz. The missing form for Blade is Jack Form.

Kamen Rider Hibiki is a combo type rider for me. His skill reli can deal combo up to 10 hits if u know how to use it. The only form available for him in this game was his default form and Kurenai form.

Kamen Rider Kabuto is reli a let down for me. He doesnt have much combo and doesnt deal much damage unless u r using clock up. In addition, Kabuto only have one form available in d game, which is rider form. Yes! This game doesnt have his Mask Form & Hyper Form. Not to mention, his finisher was only performing a clock up rider kick while most riders finisher was showing them in ultimate form and performing d finisher. I guess alot Kabuto fans reli disappointing..

Kamen Rider Den-O, everyone fav riders. Yes, all form was available for him except Wing Form & Climax Form. In addition, Liner Form only shown when he use his finisher. I kinda like use Den-O special attack as it hardly defense and dodge.

Kamen Rider Kiva only have two form in this game which are Kiva Form & Emperor Form. Gotcha, his others form such as Garulu Form, Basha Form, Dogga Form & DOGABAKI Form are not available. In addition, as soon as he change to Emperor Form, he was holding a Zanbat sword. Oh well, u can recharge d Zanbat Sword by swapping it up and down but i dunno whats d purposes since d damage done was still d same. Correct me if i m wrong.

And finally, Kamen Rider Decade. He can only change form to others rider default form in this game. Yes! NO FORM RIDER for him..Booo! However you are free to set yourself his attack either using his ridebook or FFR attack. His Complete Form only appear when he use his finisher, which only able to unlock after u beat all d Decade Mode.

Overall, the game was ok for me but just abit let down on d form limitation on most riders. In addition, i guess i am bored with d Decade Mode story. No offense =X


Tony Wan said...

Are they bugs?

I see so many GRASSHOPPERS xD

Jackie Loi said...

LOL not all are bug base..some are train base, some bat, some oni and stc

Mohd Huzaizi said...

i bought the game in japanese version, since i use english, i really don't know about what the menus are stating.. is there any possibility of getting the english language menus? or is there any website for it? please help.. my son really like the game..

Jackie Loi said...

i m using japanese as well n dun understand. u can find at youtube for d tutorial..some sort like explanation of each menu..=)

Yeltsin said...

I am using japanese version,can anyone tell me how to play against kabuto in lvl 2?

because,I can't enter the stage against him...some japanese words comes up and I dont get it

I am stuck there

kindly,please send the answer to: