Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 31 (Destroyer of Worlds)

Kamen rider Decade Ep 30 1/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 30 2/3

Kamen rider Decade Ep 30 3/3

Summary : After fighting off the Riders, Super Apollo Geist takes Natsumi to be his new bride as he flees. Kazuma Kenzaki appears, saying that Tsukasa's existence is the real cause of the worlds blending before confronting him as Kamen Rider Blade in King Form in order to force him to leave the world at once with Asumu keeping Yusuke and Wataru from interfering as Decade is easily defeated. After returning to the Hikari Studio, Tsukasa is recuperating while learning that all of his photos are starting to vanish as a result of the worlds' fusion; Eijiro gives him hope with a photo of Natsumi and tells him not to give up. Following Kivala, Tsukasa is attacked by Wataru and Asumu, whom Kenzaki recruited so they can save their worlds, after he refuses to leave. Kuuga gets Tsukasa to run off so he can save Natsumi while he holds Kiva and Hibiki off, though briefly torn by his loyalities. Meanwhile, Super Apollo Geist resurrects the Beetle Fangire, Paradoxa Undead, Tiger Orphnoch, Taurus Ballista, Alligator Imagin, and the Phylloxera Worm. The next day, Tsukasa finds Super Apollo Geist's base as he meets Daiki who warns about the trap arranged for him. After promising the world to Daiki if he dies, Tsukasa arrives to stop Guy as he is about to consume Natsumi's life energy, fighting both Super Apollo Geist and the monsters with aid from Kuuga and Diend. With Kiva and Hibiki joining the fight, the Riders take out the monsters. After Yusuke gets injured protecting him, Decade uses Diend's Final AttackRide card to kill Super Apollo Geist. With the battle over, Natsumi soon recognizes that she is in the exact place where her dream takes place as Kiva and Hibiki fade away with the Nine Worlds destroyed, with only Yusuke surviving. Tsukasa is suddenly transported to the dimension where he had spoken with Wataru Kurenai, who becomes Kamen Rider Kiva after telling Tsukasa that he failed. Soon, Tsukasa finds himself back in the World of the Rider War, confronted by the eight of the nine other Heisei Kamen Riders. Kivala then bites Yusuke, turning him into a black-eyed Ultimate Kuuga. With Narutaki overseeing it, the Rider War commences with Diend suddenly firing the Diendriver at Decade at point blank range.