Thursday, September 10, 2009

T.Music Festival & All American Reject Passes

Just back from NN office to collected my T.Music Festival passes. YES! Thanks to Nuffnang for d passes =D..i am quite surprise that i was actually won d passes. before this i was in dilemma whether should go T.Music Festival or continue my mission impossible. Then i decided that if i reli got d passes, i give up my mission and..guess GOD reli wan me to choose this path. Thanks god, i m not blaming U but thanks for show me d path.

* T.Music Festival *

In addition, i went to collected my AAR concert tics on tues, which is The Ugly Truth Special Screening. Courtesy of Digi for d tics. I finally got chance to attend AAR live show! To be honest, i just recently love AAR when i got their free album from DigiMusic launch last months. I started to love few songs such as I Wanna, Give You Hell, Falling Apart etc. Woops! Hope that concert will rocks my day! but pls dun gimme hell XP..

* All American Reject *


vkvun said...

jackie, give me the tickets to T musical if u dont wan to go. haha

stephy-nie said...

eee. so nice got so many free tickets XD i also wan...

Jackie Loi said...

@vun dream off!! =P

@stephy LOL...go join contest to get =P