Monday, October 19, 2009

Demb Diffuser & Lenspen

After looking on Chris getting new diffuser, Tzia got new cam (G10) and Xiang bought his new gf (A550), i have been provoked to get new things for my baby konkon too..I have no money yet to upgrade d body or lens..Thus d only thing i could afford to get was...

* A new thingy attached on my flash *

Yes! A new diffuser as well! A demb diffuser! There goes all my money for this month T___T...seriously i overspent within a week. A preparation for SG, a cost for clay and now spend on this diffuser..LOL

Went to search this diffuser at few places such as Complex Mutiara, Lowyat and finally the only place i could found for this damn! i mean demb diffuser was Pudu Plaza, YL Camera Service.

* Inside d package *

Just bought it today. Very satisfied indeed but no chance to try it out yet =P. In addition i got myself a lenspen. I dunno where my Microfiber Lens Cleaner went =(..some1 must have accidently took it..sigh

* Lenspen - Cleaning tool *

Well, i'll be going SG, NNAwards this fri!! Excited? YES! Hope my newly bought diffuser will help me out on tat day =P


¥ù £Ïäñg said...

how much u bought ur lense pen?

Jackie Loi said...

ir cost Rm30..but i m sure can get cheaper price at outside store

Joshu@law said...

Singapore~ T.T