Friday, October 23, 2009

Few Hours before Nuffnang Awards...

The time now is 0456 hours. Yes i purposely woke up this early to blog..hahaa..i know i m overexcited to go to SG now. Gonna depart from KL in less than 3 hours time. Later i gotta meet up wif friends at Wangsa Maju LRT Station and we'll go to there together.

Few hours ago just had dinner together with Kate, Jacq, Xiang & Sam at Chill & Spicy shop. I am crawling for Pan Mee, thus i suggested that shop to eat. Ordered a large Chilie Pan Mee and realised is too much for me. I guess i really cant take large portion of food anymore =(

* Chilie Pan Mee *

* Me & Sam *

And guess what? I just finish packed all my stuff last nite in less than 20 min times..hahaha guy alwiz b guy, simple, quick & easy. Unlike all my female friend who currently suffer and dilemma to bring whole closet to SG.

* Blue bagpack, Yellow Bag & Camera Bag *

Anyway stuff i gonna brings is more or else enuf for 3 days used. Clothes, shoes, shampoo, hair styling product, charger for my gadgets and the most important things, camera gears! Really need to thanks to Joe & Charity for borrowing me their extra battery for camera and tripod as well!

And i guess some of my friends did a post about their outfit to Nuffnang Award. If u guys realise i change my display pics in MSN this few days, yes! That's d utfit i gonna wear tonite! i knew i am crazy =P..dare to be difference dun i? =P

* Some said nice, some said joker. Who m i? *

Few more hours i gotta say HI to singapore! What make me more excited was to able to meet bloggers from others region as well, Philippines & Australia! Hope to get to know some of them =D

Oh lastly, i am in Group C for the Nuffnang Award. Any1 same wif me? =D


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

jackie, I know you dare to try that but that matching is a big no.

Unless you are wearing white short pants.

Wo Shi Nicole aka MsXeRoZ said...

OMG Jackie,

Cant imagine what R u thinking!!! Anyways, beauty lies in the eye of beholder. I bet there are some girls that will be running into ur arms. =)

have fun in Singapore~!

Copykate said...

wtf man u actually wore that??? -.-

Jackie Loi said...

@TC & Nicole sorry mate i adi wore it =P..n i dun think is something wrong wif it..hahahaha

@kate yes i wore it -__-