Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 5 : Girl… A/Papa is a Kamen Rider)

Seem like we wun get TV-N subbed temporarily..

Kamen Rider Double Ep 5 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 5 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 5 3/3

Summary : At a press conference, councilwoman Miyabi Kusuhara presents her designs for the construction of the Second Futo Tower. During her speech, a barrage of bullets rains down. Shotaro, who has been hired as Ms. Kusuhara's bodyguard, takes her out of harm's way before running off to transform into Kamen Rider Double in secret. Returning to protect Miyabi, Miyabi's daughter Asuka calls Double "papa" before he deflects the bullets as CycloneMetal. Suddenly, the gunfire stops. When Double goes to investigate where the bullets were coming from, he can find no Dopant nearby. After being unable to determine who would be after Ms. Kusuhara or why Asuka believes Kamen Rider Double is her father, he has Philippe study the bullet that they had caught earlier. While escorting Ms. Kusuhara to her apartment, the Dopant attacks again. Shotaro sends the Bat Shot out to do reconnaissance while making sure Ms. Kusuhara is not harmed. The next day, Ms. Kusuhara and her entourage head towards the planned site of the Second Futo Tower when they come across Genzo Takamura and a friend playing with RC cars, impeding their travels. As they leave, Kirihiko arrives and confronts Takamura that the task the Sonozaki Family hired him for must advance. Later at the riverside, Ms. Kusuhara tells Shotaro that her husband Daizaburo was planning on building the Second Futo Tower when he was brutally murdered and that he had given their daughter a small patchwork doll. At this time, Philippe pieces together the clues and determines that the attacker is using the Anomalocaris Memory and attacks from the water. Realizing that Ms. Kusuhara is in danger, Shotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Double and protects her from the Dopant's attack, transforming into CycloneTrigger to end the bullet barrage and then using the Joker Extreme to break the Anomalocaris Memory. However, upon realizing that it is not Takamura but his friend, Double realizes that there was no real Gaia Memory. Then the real Anomalocaris Dopant attacks just as Asuka runs towards Kamen Rider Double, wanting to thank her "papa".