Monday, October 12, 2009

Playboy Bunnies at Mid Valley

* Playboy - New Fragrance for Men *

Went to this event on last sat (10/10) with Dusty & Joshua. Met Tzia, Adele, Jiashin & Isabella at there who getting ready to participate the bunny contest. Well, the winner for this bunny contest can won a luxury handbag from Prada or Burberry. Before the event officially started, i went few corner to capture the roadshow and camwhore with few familiar faces.

* The roadshow from top view *

* The Caucasian model with d Lamborghini *

* Close up view *

* Me & Tzia. Yea i know this pic v out of focus...&~%&^%@~ *

* With Adele. Is either me or them look funny..hahaha *

And the contest officially started around 4.20pm. The host for the day, none other than Jojo Struys. On the first round, all contestant are required to do catwalk and show their sexiest pose..LOL

* All the bunnies *

* Jojo demonstrate catwalk with others model *

After that, all contestant are given a bunch of bunny tag, paper or whatever-it-called and they required to walk around the area to ask for vote from the shopper. Obviously, the most 2 voted can win the 2 luxury handbag =P..

* The voting tag *

* Everyone was fighting to vote their favourite bunny *

* Who will own the Prada and Burberry? *

After around 30 min (i think), the result was out and the most voted contestant was redmummy. OMG she reli wore red color on that day, the most outstanding and contrasting contestant. Tzia was not bad by grabbing 1st runner up. Redmummy was given an opportunity to select which bag she wanted. Finally she choose Prada and Tzia who given no choice but to grab the Burberry handbag that worth RM2k..woahhh..i can buy a DSLR adi wif RM2k..LOL

* So hard to squeeze all bunnies in my cam..LOL *

* The winner of the day *

* Final pic of all contestant *

Well, the event ended around 5.45pm. After that me & Dusty went to Sunway for the next event, Xpax Blacberry Launch.

* This is the goodie bag that worth RM70 for all contestant.. *


Adele Chow said...

omg the last pic, i damn CMI man boss!
where is our pic? (:

Joshu@law said...

wow...adele got so many condoms huh...Remember, PLay Safe! ;)

Jackie Loi said...

@adele CMI? apa tu? LOL..ur pic ah..gimme time..i'll upload in fb once i m free...LOL

@joshua apa condom! oi dun caci my bodyguard!

HitoMi^^ said...

Burberry better than Prada!!