Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Singapore Trips Day 1 : Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009

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* What bloggers did when they pee in Nuffnang Awards toilet? *

What made everyone thinking of Nuffnang Awards? Even all guy pee-ing in toilet thinking about it..except Josh of coz..hahaha..Anyway, Nuffnang Awards was awesome! I gotta said it was a very successful event. Congrate to all hard work of Nuffies.

* I know i m poser but i love this pic =P *

At there I manage to grab the greatest view ever where 400 bloggers from difference regions, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine & Australia gathered in one spot, Pan Pacific Singapore Grand Ballroom. Registration started around 7.30pm where we need to registered with our guest as well.

* Registration counter *

* Pringlessss! *

While waiting for time to entered the ballroom, photo session never miss out!

* Me & Xiang *

* With Ringo *

* With Kenny *

* With Nicholas *

* Samantha, Kristine & Me *

* With Josh *

* With Chris *

* With Jeremy *

* With Mike *

* Group pic - All MY Bloggers *

We are allowed to enter the ballroom sharp 8pm. I was impressed with the decoration and arrangement of the room especially the lighting in the room. It was superb nice! Oh btw my table was table 8, with others malaysian bloggers. Luckily Yat and his guest was same table wif us..or else both of me & Kristine reli dunno any1 there..LOL

* Interior *

* Yat, his guest, Kristine & Me at Table 8 *

* camwhore XP *

Well, the Emcee of the night was Allen Wu. He done a pretty good job as Emcee and created alot joke with us. Later was speech from both Nuffnang Co-Founder, Boss Ming & Timothy Tiah while they showing us Nuffnang Milestone Video which very touching coz they showing how Nuffnang developed from early stage until today. As in all of us watching how Nuffnang grow.

* Allen Wu *

* Ming & Tim *

The dinner started along with the performances from J.C Sum & 'Magic Babe' Ning. It gonna be my very first time to watch magic show in live. Seriously i tod i able to c through what d trick they using but i failed..guess they too pro adi..hahaha..Anyway here are the food from dinner that night. It was seriously nice =)

* Bread *

* Salmon Fish i suppose *

* Cream Soup *

* Chicken *

* Cake - I Loving it! *

The awards was given to the winner along wif d dinners as well after the magic show from J.C Sum & 'Magic Babe' Ning. I believe most of u know all d result adi either from Nuffnang Awards official web or others bloggers blog. Thus i gonna make a very brief on d winner only.

* Best Blog Shop - BonitoChico *

* Best Food Blog - ieat-ishoot-ipost *

* Best Fashion Blog - Lady Melbourne *

* Best Parenting Blog - Childhood 101 *

* Best Travel Blog - En Route *

* Best Geek Blog - Mr Gadget *

* Best Celebrity Blog - Joanne Peh *

* Best Entertainment Blog - Kenny Sia *

* Best Original Blog Design, Most Influential Blog & Regions Best Blog - Xia Xue *

* And Kenny Sia went up to make some joke *

* Best Krrunch Time Video Contest - Jayden's Blog *

* If you guys recalled, there was a CEO who went up for d magic show and present d awards as well. Does he represent some1? JENG JENG JENG! IS JOSH! *

While d awards given half way, a great rocks performances from Electrico presented.

* Electrico *

Before the awards resume, we might as well took pics with each others XD

* With Yingzi *

* With Joyce *

* Me & Xiang again..notice we wore the same color of pant, shoe, tie & vest? =P *

* With Zoe *

* With Jacq *

* With Sam *

* With Kristine again..WTF she so damn tall *

And the awards ended around 11pm with d last prize, Best Krrunch Time Video Contest! I must admit the video was serious creative and great though Violet video was creative as well.

* All nominee & Nuffie on stage *

* from difference angle since my lens cant fit in all from front view *

The pics below will gonna be pics wif me and friends. U may proceed or click Alt + F4 to exit if u dowan to continue since i covered up most of the things happen along the event =)

* with Kim *
* With Violet *

* Zues, Jacq, Ning & Me *

* Josh, Me, Weijie & Jess *

* Me & HP *

* Me & Griza..with Chris as bg *

* Me & Adele *

* With Xia Xue *

* With Boss, Tim *

* With Jolyn *

Again, i have to say, Nuffnang rocksssss! Love to be a part of the community =)..it was seriously a great experienced for me to attend this event =D..hope there gonna be 2nd awards on next year =D

* WTF pic *

* Shoessssss *

* And finally, Bloggers from MY & SG *


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