Monday, October 26, 2009

Singapore Trips Day 1 - Journey to Singapore

I am back from SG! However unfortunately something happen n made my mood fking down. Last nite when i reach home around 9pm++, happily home sweet home and tod can on9 to chat wif friends and transfer pics to each other. When i turn down my head and look at d modem, FUCK! No line! My sis told me d whole day no line..I called TM and screw them since last nite till today and they still din recover d line for me...sigh..

anyway, SG was fun! What d best thing ever that could replace the enjoyment wif friends? It was priceless! Well as u guys know from my previous post, i m going to the gathering spot, Heritage Mansion together with Xiang, Sam, Jacq & Zach by LRT on the morning.

* Xiang & Sam *

* Jacq *

* Thats me..with zach on d left LOL *

As soon as we reached there, we went to have our breakfast in 1 of the mamak stall. Around 7.30pm, we went in front the Heritage Mansion building and alot people already gathered there, waiting for registration. There are some delayed on d bus however all of us still managed to make it up to d bus. There are 3 buses that brought us, Malaysian Blogger to SG.

* Everyone in front Heritage Mansion *

* Zues & his gf *

* me, camwhore wif d free mamee given by nuffie *

* Jacq & Firdy *

* Chris *

* Me & Chris *

* Partial os passengers in Bus 2 *

* Getting our lunch at KFC *

Well, we are spending time resting our asses in the buss for more than 6 hours b4 we reached our destination in SG, Link Hotel. We reach our hotel around 4pm. Since there are too much ppl around, it tooks a plenty of time to register and check in all of us.

* In front Link Hotel *

* Inside the Link Hotel *

While they are taking their time to registered us, we spend our time took pics.

* Jolyn, Sam, Zues, Jacq & Me *

* Me & Jess *

* Kristine, Xiang, Jeremy & Me *

* Me & Zoe *

* Guys *

* Girls *

* Me & Kim *

* 2 Bosses, 1 Employee *

* With my 2 bodyguard, Adele & Kim and my newly hired Rice Bowl, Jeremy AKA Bboyrice *

* Great imitation dun they? =P *

There are some quite mess happened in the room distribution among my friends but i am glad lastly the prob are solved. All of us manage to get room. I am in the same room with Ken.

* Interior *

* My bed..weeee *

However v only left 1 hours time to prepared ourself to Nuffnang Awards as we need to gathered at hotel lobby by 6pm. I prepared myself in a rush and din really manage to style my hair properly..oh well, one of the factor also because my hair too long..LOL..Well, everyone looks great that night =)..obviously because it was a grand event =)

* Me wif my WTF hairstyle *

* Chris & Kim *

* Zoe who alwiz gave me priceless expression & Jeremy who nv let his hat off *

* Adele *

* I-DUNNO-WHO, Yat & Jess *

* Xiang & Sam *

* Tzia, Adele & Kim *

* Zues & his gf *

* If you guys wonder who is my guest to NNAwards that i invited, here the answer, Kristine *

All of us took bus to the Nuffnang Awards location, Pan Pacific Singapore Grand Ballroom.

* Ore, Sanjou! *

Well, thats all my very first day on SG. Nuffnang Awards was awesome as well! Really proud to becoming Nuffnanger and manage to attend the event. Thanks Nuffnang for all the chances and opportunity given to me =)


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

hahaha....wah fast blog 1st day d....I only got sneak peak and I got connection. *salute*

I also got wtf hairstyle that day..suan la..too rush d!

kim said...

omg you so fat right. i just done transferring my pics to desktop only. nice nice :)

Josh said...

Wheee, my bodoh face same like Wai Ken. AHAHAHA

Dammit, u update damn fast lor...

Jackie Loi said...

@Kristine hahah coz i no class...tats y i m free to edit my photo n bring to CC now to edit.ur hair ok la..mine kenot spike =(

@kim i know i m fat =(..hahaha...i'll send u d pics once my line been recover by TMNUT

@josh hahah ya la u n ken XD..

curryegg said...

this is so cool and you look great.. ;)

Btw, the you 'dunno who' name is Jolene.. lol..

stephy-nie said...

wa... so grand oh the event.. everybody look so pwetty :D

Adele Chow said...

oi your post damn detail right D:

Seraph said...

great update! =D

shall update mine soon haha
and i'll curi ur pics lol =D
as usual =.=

KwOnG FeI said... nice..
what a great experience..
btw, got girl no buddy alrdy la..
ask a girl din ask me go..

Samantha Chow said...

AIYO why my pics always either cacat close eyes or half-closed, boo!

btw, super the efficient lah you..and when ru gonna upload ur pics on fb so i can *ahem* borrow then i baru boleh blog? :P

goingkookies said...

OMG!! Yatz looks cute with his short hair!!

Jackie Loi said...

@kelly hahah cool rite =P..though alot ppl said my outfit is a NO..LOL..oh many jolene >,<

@stephy yeap every girls like angel tat nite =P

@adele mana ada detail wor =(...dun sad dun sad

@sam nah come ask me from MSN la..i gave u d 1 without watermark 1

@fei haha what to do..who ask u ada batang XP

@samantha LOL coz u dun like my cam =(..i alwiz take longer time to upload in fb wor..get from me from MSN if u urgently need =P

@kookies cute? he gonna smack u man..hahahaha..but i agree he is XP

Anonymous said...

All femes bloggers on board!

goingkookies said...

y is he going to smack me?

i think he looks waaay better than long hair lor..

it's a COMPLIMENT!! haha

Jackie Loi said...

@joshua where got fehmes la..i m stranger at there..=(

@kookie hahah coz yat hate ppl said he cute? XD..he said not short enuf summor..wanna cut lagi..i think he mau go LICIN la..hahahaha

Amanda Janelle said...

Ahh your post i like, not teaser post but a full proper post.. itu teaser post all suspense la.. haha.. everyone looked good.. ahhh so fun wei.. LOL..

goingkookies said...

oh oh.. no wonder he sounded ..... on plurk.. hehe

Jackie Loi said...

@amanda haha i seldom do teaser post XP

@kookie hahaha..true true XP

Pork Chop said...

WHy u all update so fast1? im old... cant catch up :S sighhh hahaha...