Sunday, October 11, 2009

Somebody Birthday...

Yesterday is DustyHawk AKA Serge AKA Lional or just call him Dusty birthday. He invited me to have a lunch at Mid Valley, Delicious. I Joined the lunch together with Jess & 1 of his friend, Fas (i think it spell like that XD).

* Dusty and his friend Fas *

* Jess & Me *

It was my second time been here. D 1st time was gathering with my primary friends last year. Since it was getting lunch, i have no idea what to get and d price is super costly =(..Thus i decided to give myself a try on Four Cheeses Macaroni, RM21.90..

* Four Cheeses Macaroni *

And i was shock like hell when i see the portion as compare with the price...sigh..

* Me & my food... LOL *

Oh well, happy Birthday to u!

* Dusty... *

and in the same time, another guy birthday on d same date! Happy Birthday to you too!