Sunday, October 04, 2009

UCSI Blood Donation

NOTE : This post contain some minor gross and violence. Pls proceed if you think urself can handle or else, skip this post! =P

This post was specially made for Yen, who brush up her courage to donate her blood. On the Thursday night, she suddenly asked me accompanied her donate blood on d next day. Since i not having class on tat day itself and will b there for badminton session, i agreed.

* Signing up in the form *

* Her Mr Babi who accompanied her as well *

Oh btw, i m not donating. The reason very simple. Coz i m having obesity! LOL!! choi! ok la i dun have obesity but there are few factors i cant donate blood. Firstly i dun have enuf average sleep per day which is 7~8 hours.Secondly, I din get my lunch b4 donates. Thirdly,....i cant think of any reason XD

* Priceless expression *

* OUCH! *

* Guess whose? =P *

* Food, drink & cert for blood donor *

She really awesome! One hours after donating her blood she still can play badminton wif us. However she get tired easily..blood running low i guess =P


Samantha Chow said...

wah when i donated blood, nobody gave me free food also! cert also tarak!

Jackie Loi said...

LOL..where u donate? so kedekut 1...hahahaha

vkvun said...

too bad i cant donate. haha.

Anonymous said...

So many excuse geh! lol!
Next time must donate weh!

Jackie Loi said...

@vun y y y? =P

@joshua dowan =P

vkvun said...

due to personal health reason. haha. u ask KF thru msn or u can add me in msn if wan to