Monday, November 02, 2009

All American Rejects Autograph Session

* The stage *

I atteneded All American Rejects, or known as AAR in short form Autograph session last sat at Pavillion. Yupz, it was on d same day their concert itself. Since I got their album for free from Digi Music Launch last time, i might as well went there and get their free autograph =P

* Emcee of the day. Forgot his name but he is 1 of d DJ from *

I reached there around 10.30am and already alot ppl queued up for it. Guess there are reli some crazy fans camp there since 6am..LOL WTF..met up wif Kristine, Flora & Amanda there. Later joined up by Jeremy & Bryan but they din queue for autograph.

* Flora, Kristine & me *

They reach there around 1115am. Alot fans started to shout as crazy as they can especially on Tyson.

* when they reached... *

* The long queue... *

No camera is allowed when we on d stage..Thus i only able to get 1 nice stalk shoot from

* Nick Wheeler *

oh well, be happy. At least i got their signature!! and Tyson smile wif me..WTF..ok i m not gay -_-...LOL

* show offing..XD *

The autograph session end around 12.30pm...the moment the walk out from the stage to their car, i got the nice spot for myself to photoshooting..however KNSMCBTNS got 1 fatty malay auntie pushed me and i been sent all d way to d back..T___T..DAMN GIRL!!

* Mike Kennerty *

* Tyson Ritter *

As soon as the autograph session end, i went to Low Yat to find Yen for lunch together. She brought me to eat at 1 of d mamak stall nearby. I ordered Mee Rojak..been a year since i ate it. Kinda bring back memory when i work at Phileo Damansara where i alwiz ate this for dinner..LOL WTF

* Mee Rojak *

Oh well, random Question. Can i sell the CD cover at Ebay? how much will it worth?

* With AAR Signature *


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

emo cause I dont have signature. :(

Jackie Loi said...

@kristine awww girl..sorry about tat..wan mine? since i dun reli need it..=)

Terry Howlett said...

Enjoyed having a look on your site please will you send me your link and i will send you mine best wishes Terry.

shyneze said...

i wana wana tht autograph album..