Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The All American Rejects Concert by DiGi Music Live

The All American Rejects concert was on the same day as the autograph session! It was held by Digi in conjunction of their Digi Music. It was held in Bukit Jalil together with 3 special performances bands, Disagree, One Buck Short & Pop Shuvit.

* My VIP Pass *

Thanks to Flora, my normal pass upgrade to VIP pass. Though i dun reli go to VIP area anyway coz i wanna go in front to shoot pics. I was separated with others friend. So ended up only TianChad, Jacq & Amanda wif me.

* Camwhore *

Some random shoot before the concert started..

* Everyone waitng for the performance to start *

* I dunno how to describe this pic but i love it..WTF *

* All the drum, mic stand, amplifier & etc on the stage *

* Emcee of the concert *

And here pics from each bands. I din reli shoot much coz i wanna enjoy AAR concert to the max.

* Disagree *

* Pop Shuvit *

* Pure heart fans? haha *

* One Buck Short *

* And finally, All American Rejects *

Overall AAR concerts was rocks! Especially Tyson was great entertainer though i found d way he talk kinda irritated. The songs that performed by them include I Wanna, Fallin' Apart, Damn Girl, Mona Lisa, Real World, The Winds Blow, Move Along & of coz, their best hits song, Give You Hell where totally rocks the stage together with all audience. I am satisfy and no regret for attending this concert!

Though i said no regret, however there are certain dissatisfaction from me about the concert. AAR performances was rocks but the concert managing wasn't well managed. First as a VIP pass owner i doesn't get special privilege. The security expected me to queue all d way back where the queue started from Kafeteria shop until Public Entrance. It mean i need queue wif those normal passes ppl..so why i m VIP? Very Idiot Person? WTF..When i m queuing to enter the Public Entrance, all the barbarian (ppl who at my back) keep pushing as in the fighting to get in first. Come on la! WTF R U RUSHING!? AS IF GOT GOLD TAKE LIKE THAT..damn uneducated and uncivilized. And i guess i damn hate underage childish kid who stand in front me..no offense..they dun behave well..LOL

Oh well, is time to get zoom lens..is tamron 70-300mm, f4 lens good?


flora said...

wah jackie u daym polite..i haven tiu kau Marctensia yet..wait wait..daym bz man. btw nice pics..n ure most welcome..sorry abt d unVIP pass..=/

wen pink said...

walao so early ady went there! so semangat!!

Jackie Loi said...

@flora where got polite...i dowan swear too much in my blog only..XD..gogo diu them..LOL..is ok for d pass..as long as v enjoy d show =)