Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Christmas Carol (3D) Premier Screening

Date : 16th Nov 09 (Mon)
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure

Last night i am given chance to watch this awesome movie premier screening. Thanks to Joe & Kate for the extra tics, me & gf able to watch it :). Courtesy of Nuffnang as well for the premier screening.

Before collecting tics, me, gf, Joe, Kate & Jess went for dinner at Station Kopitiam. After that we went to cinema to collect tics as well as meet up with the rest friends.

* Two passes of invitation. Thanks to Joe & Kate again *

* Long time din take group pic ^_^ *

* Vic & Sam *

* And of coz, gf & me. ignore that spoiler at the back *

The movie officially started at 9.30pm, and of coz, we are given the 3d glass! =D

Here is the summary of the movie :

Charles Dickens' timeless tale of an old miser who must face the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-Come, as they help bring kindness to his otherwise cold heart. The Ghosts remind him of the man he used to be, the hard truth of what the world is today, and what will happen if he does not strive to be a better man. Set around Christmas, the most joyous day of the year, Scrooge realizes the sharp contrast of his own personality. Jim Carrey plays four separate roles in this updated version of "A Christmas Carol." Carrey portrays Scrooge, as well as the three ghosts (Past, Present, and Yet-to-Come). Robert Zemeckis ("Back to the Future" trilogy) has his chance to dabble in telling a story through the windows of time, as he directs the long-awaited remake.

In my point of view, the story line of this show just so-so. Remind me Ghost of Girlfriends Past movie where they share the pretty similar story line. However i gotta praise Jim Carrey for doing a great job in voicing the character! He using a very heavy english accent (i not sure izzit British code) and voice the character very well. In addition, the visual effect, graphic as well as the character design are awesome especially the human modeling they did was pretty close to real human! Thumb up to Walt Disney!

* The main character, Scrooge *

* The first ghost..who look freaking funny with his shaking head *

* Thats the 2nd ghost *

* And of coz, happy ending in d end where family reunion *

* The Ending *

after the movie, some unexpected stuff happen! while on my way back to my car, i saw 2 guard was standing beside my car. In my mind i was thinking "OMG! Why the guards standing beside my car? anything happen on my car? some1 broke my car?"..when i approach them, it happen that..my car tyre was punched...

My first time encounter this kind of situation. Being speechless and mind block for a sudden, i requested the guard to help me change my car tyre..hahaha..luckily the person was kind enuf to do it for me. i guess my bad luck wasn't strike completely..

* The KO-ed tyre *

* And there it go the handsome guard that helped me *

And luckily, the guard never purposely loose the tyre nut and if that happen, i wun be blogging at here now..hahaha..

I am going penang for next 3 days starting tmrw! So yes! Jloi is stepping to a new journey!!


Ying Zi said...

Haha! Ken always like to stand behind and in the middle of the picture one leh!!! Ya,this movie reminds me of Ghost of girlfriend's past. At least that movie got chio bu,this one the ghosts talk,either their voice is booming or raspy. And they talk very fast.

Lol,we also had the movie on Monday at 7.15pm!

Jonathan said...

Aiyo! Fail la the group pic~ Hahahaha

MichLeong said...

I saw you there! But I didnt say hi >.< *shy*

kim said...

AHAHAHHA ken in the last pic damn funny!

Jackie Loi said...


@yingzi ya la ken damn kns 1..yea they use very heavy eng accent..haha

@jon u fail jer =P

@mich aiya u should call me la..LOL

@weiwei ya lo he spoiler..=(