Sunday, November 15, 2009


As everyone know, 風雲 or know as Storm on the first installment is back!! The second installment is know as The Storm Warriors, 風雲II where our beloved heroes, Wind & Cloud (Aaron & Ekin) are back in action!

Courtesy to Nuffnang and GSC-EON Bank Credit Card, all Nuffnanger are given chance to enjoy the premier screening a day before official release on cinema. To win a pair of invitation, all we have to do is write a blog post titled “If I’m a STORM WARRIOR” and show how would we look like by posting up our picture in the post. For more info, check out

ok back to main business. I m pretty sure d movie poster above dude look like me rite? yes it was me on both side here i gonna reveal how m i look like if i am storm warrior.

If you guys watch Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts,I am pretty sure u guys familiar wif their weapon. Well, since a weapon called Gunblade & Keyblade exist, i couldn't find any reason why a powerful weapon and the only one weapon in d world, Tri-Blade wield by me could exist!

* Gunblade *

* Keyblade *

* This 1? My Tri-Blade! *

Yes thats my blade, my weapon & my soul! If i am one of the Storm Warrior, i doesn't need to be the main focus, however i can be the most powerful and mysterious in the same time by looking on my outfit. Dun believe? take a look on it!

* Man in black hood *

* And i am lone warrior *

I am mystery but strong! I can summon Thunder with my blade!

* Summon Thunder! *

Though i m mysterious, i am pretty sure my face will be reveal in future. And here i am without the hood on!

* Reveal my true face *

There we go! Thats what i am if i am a Storm Warrior! Don't mess up with me if you dowan get hit from my Tri-Blade!


Tony Wan said...

lol......oi, ur true face spoiled the whole entry lah xD

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very nice eh! Got very high chance to win. Look way better than mine. Hehehe

Joshu@law said...

Nice! Tripod as your Good luck! ;)

plank ton said...

hahaha.. nice one!!

Jackie Loi said...

@tony LOL...mystery ppl alwiz look like a spoiler..hahahaha

@joshua i saw urs also..nice lo..ur photoshop skill damn keng!

@joshuaLaw LOL yes tripod as weapon XP..triblade! hahaha

@frank LOL thx

seon said...

nice le....

HitoMi^^ said...

Nice wei!! it means you are not busy lOL

HazwanHakim said...

nice post....u like a bejjing's storm warrior..heeehehe

see my page also..