Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Side Story..

If you guys view my Kamen Rider fanfics 1 & 2 before, i guess all of u know i am totally obsessed on it. I have been loving to draw & created my own Kamen Rider since then. Thus, i would like to launch a new blog of mine with the title, "If I Am Kamen Rider Clevis".

Kamen Rider Clevis is main protagonist rider in my latest fanfics, Kamen Rider Advance. Thus Clevis in the blog was actually referring to myself. The motive of the blog is to record my side story or some uncovered story in this blog =P

however it was a shame for me for dunno use illustrator to draw =(..guess is time to learn to improve my drawing.

Hope everyone will support my new blog =)