Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Penang Trips Day 2 - Journey to Kek Lok Si

Continued from Penang Trips Day 1 - Vistana & Food! Buffet at TAO!

Everyone energy was recharged after a good rest for the night! Unfortunately i have been "scallop" by HsienHooi & Frank the whole night because i was slept in between they 2 T___T...Anyway our early plan on the morning was to Kek Lok Si temple! Thanks to Yvonne friend this time, Weng Lau who become our tour guide for today =D

* my 2 Sakai Bedmate *

We reach Kek Lok Si after driving around 30 min from our hotel. My very first time left my foot print on temple! yes i nv been in temple b4..LOL~It was really large and huge. Not to mention it consisted few towers around.

* Kek Lok Si main entrance *

* Some blessing thingy. Just wrote ur name on it *

* Then pray to Guan Yin before you put the thing around *

* So many @_@ *

* Quoted from Frank, HsienHooi said "Oh Buddha, pls dun ever let me see scallop again" *

* And thats me wif the nice weather *

Here are some landscape & architecture shooting from my cam :)..luckily the sky was blue enuf =D

And some group pics of our journey

* The guy on the right is WengLau *

* Syiok Sendiri *

* Wailoon, HsienHooi, Frank, Sooyan & me *

* In front the abandon gate *

* Taken inside Pagoda highest floor *

We walked the temple for around 2 hours and we continued our makan journey Pasar Air Itam for the famous Laksa! Stay tune for the Makan journey on my next post :)

To Be Continued...


plank ton said...

i din scallop u lo.. don frame me.. lolz

wen pink said...

hahaha i saw the pics that u were tagged on facebook.. and i saw scandal :P hiak hiak hiak!

Jackie Loi said...

@frank the first round u did!! ADMIT! dun lie not good..later karma!

@pink oi apa scandal -_-?