Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Studio Based Learning - Modeling Clay Phase 4

I know you guys been waiting this..i know u do! dun denied! u have been peeping my model boobs over & over again! ADMIT IT DAMN IT! ROARRRR!!! Anyway i officially done my clay model including paint it! yay!! HOOORAY FOR ME! =D

Her the blue print of my model...before..*cough*..i show the real 1...>,<

* Color may vary from the real model..WTF *

And jeng jeng jeng! The big boob! opss..i mean my General role character here! behold to Maya de Claw!

* Side view (left) *

* Back view *

* Side view (Right) *

* Front view *

Alrite technically i havent complete the model. I still left the cape..sigh..still looking a solution to do it due to the stu big ass pipe tube blocking there..presentation for this model on this fri! good luck to me! wtf!!


Chingy said...

Only solid colors? :P

Jackie Loi said...

haha..dun think wanna do d shade..since..all toys outside dun have what..XP

Chris Thoo said...

I want oneee..

kenwooi said...

why the ass got pipe wan??!!
lol =P


Baby said...

why the ass got pipe?

this is my 2nd time here only...

Jackie Loi said...

@chris lai lai i make 1 n sell to u..special design 1 big boobs for u la..XD

@ken & baby coz d pipe is needed on d ass?