Friday, November 13, 2009

Studio Based Learning - Modeling Clay Final Presentation

Today is my Studio Based Learning subject presentation. Obviously i finally got chance to watch an outcome of all my classmate model. In my point of view, all of them did put effort on it and difference people difference style. Thats what make my classmate are awesome and interesting =)

* The early bird model *

i would love to present all work done by my classmate, and of coz mine 1 according to role or job of the character.

* King (Lion) - Done by Gabriel *

* Queen (Lion) - Done by WeiHong *

* Prince (Panther) - Done by Radiyah..shit i forgot take full size model -___- *

* Princess (Panther) - Done by Eng Kiat *

* Butler (Dog) - Done by Alan Chee *

* General (Tiger) - Done by Jackie Loi *

* Soldier (M) (Human) - Done by Pheebian *

* Soldier (F) (Foxy Wolf) - Done by Suli *

* Bishop (Human) - Done by Arefeh *

* Jester (Haina) - Done by Usaid *

Awesome? During the presentation and discussion with lecturer, he asked us to write down in a paper rating from 1 - 10 and rate the model according the sequence. Of coz 1 is the best and 10 is the worst. This is what i rate :

1) Butler
2) Bishop
3) Jester
4) Queen
5) Soldier (F)
6) General
7) Princess
8) King
9) Prince
10)Soldier (M)

* Rating phase *

Ok honestly everyone in my class love the butler and bishop. They manage to bring out the characteristic of the character and as well of coz, their design are simple. Oh well, reason being i put the Solder (F) 5 and myself 6, i dunno wtf y also -___-..ok mayb coz her boob size n proportion nicer than mine..WTF! i know my character boobs just big..LOL

Well, here a small request from me. If possible could u guys do a rating as well by posting a comment on this post? i wanna get more opinion and suggestion from u guys =)..thanks alot!

presentation finally over..i m officially hols but i m working at Cresent Edge Consultants Sdn Bhd now...time to earn money to get new PC & Camera gear =D


Tony Wan said...

How to rate? All so good.

If free u do a model of yourself lah. LOL

Jackie Loi said...

@tony LOL..just rate la...there must b 1 u like n 1 u dislike 1 of myself? i rather do kamen rider..hahaha

Josh said...

1) Butler - 1
2) Bishop - 2
3) Jester - 3
4) Queen - 6
5) Soldier (F) - 8
6) General - 4
7) Princess - 5
8) King - 7
9) Prince - 9
10)Soldier (M) - 10

I think the Butler really really eye catching lor seriously. The colour also darn nice and the blur expression by the butler is priceless.

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

1) Butler
2) Bishop
3) Jester
4) Queen
5) General
6) King
7) Foxy wolf
8) Princess
9) Prince
10) Soldier male.

wtf! there u go! I so berusaha rate tau! LOL

Baby said...

1) Jester
2) Butler
3) The rest

Jackie Loi said...

@josh hahaha...i have to agree tat blur face mmg cute XD

@kristine LOL terima kasih atas usaha anda...hahaha

@baby ez rate...hahaha

Chris Thoo said...

fwuah.....very nais.....
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