Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bukit Tinggi - Berjaya Hills Trips Day 1 : Journey During the Christmas Eve

How u guys celebrate ur christmas? With some one you love? with your friends? or mayb lonely? Well, i am the first choice! This year is totally a difference year for me compare to other previous year. All d time during christmas, i stay at house alone, taking care my pets while my family went to vacation without me =(. However this christmas season is totally a brand new journey for me!

I went to Bukit Tinggi or known as Berjaya Hills Resort during christmas eve with my gf. We planned this back to few months ago and i m reli looking forward to it. It was my first time went vacation during christmas! It was my first time travel with my gf! It was my first time travel to Bukit Tingi! It was my first time travel wif my gf during christmas eve to Bukit Tinggi!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

We went there after taking our lunch at setapak and reach there around 3pm. Well driving up to the mountain is not as ez as i tod especially with my baby vivi capability...

The first thing we did was checked in for our room at Colmar Tropicale. While my dear checking in, i manage to capture few pics around there.

* The castle looking building was actually a car park! but there was a hall on lower ground *

* The Colmar Tropicale *

* Inside there *

* Wide view *

We got our room at Club House. Not far from Colmar Tropicale, around 10-15 minutes driving. The room was bigger than i expected with 2 single bed :)..oh yea, it included corridor as well for...scenery viewing purposes? LOL

* The Club House *

* Our neighbor corridor..looks scary? *

* Pic wif gf at corridor ^^ *

* Camwhore at the mirror... *

After settle down our stuff, we went to the Golf club. Unfortunately upon our arrival, it was raining. Thus no one was playing golf..was how sad..however v manage to found a place inside there to play bowling. Thus we play 2 games for each person. She score quite good though is her 1st time.

* Bowling.. *

We went back to Colmar Tropicale after the bowling game coz we planned to get dinner at there. My gf said there is a fehmes pizza restaurant there.

* Night at Calmar Tropicale *

Unfortunately the whole restaurant close due to Christmas Eve celebration event held at there. We are allow to join the event as well, with one condition...RM130++ per person..LOL WTF! So being no choice, i suggested to back to our room to eat tuna bread that we bought at afternoon from carrefour.

Before we head back, i manage to capture some night view at Colmar Tropicale.

* Taken inside the registration counter *

* Stupid goose who try to attack me... *

* Christmas decoration *

* Me & gf..i look so retarded.. *

* Overall view from high angle *

So, can u imagine, being in christmas eve, both of us are not getting candle light dinner, but tuna bread dinner...well, it doesnt matter for me much as long as i m getting it together wif d 1 i love :)

* Pic of the day *

To be continued...


Tony Wan said...

nice :D

Jackie Loi said...

LOL thx =D..hahaha

atreyu strange said...

Jackie!!! Tell me, tell me, tell me, how much was the hotel rate? Very expensive or so so? Am planning to go there next month!

Anonymous said...

hi...look nice place, how much 1 game for bowling there? thank you.