Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dell Inspiron 13

Remember the "My Top 5 Treat List" i did previously for Dell Inspiron 13 contest? Remember in my twitter i said i am one of the winner? here we go! *jeng jeng jeng!*..Yesterday the laptop was delivered to me! The moment i saw the uncle dell reached in front my house (he is driving normal proton car..) i am so happy! =D

* In the box that doesnt look so big *

So i would love to introduce, my Alpine White Dell Inspiron 13! Eventhough in the "My Top 5 Treat List" i said i prefer obsidian black, but in d end i choose alpine white when Nuffnang called me and allowed me to choose my preferred color XP.

* Alpine White! sooooo pretyyyyyyyyyy *

Ok i am abit too free yesterday in home. Thus i tried to set up my own home studio or whatever it call to photograph my dell. U can see one of the reflection on the screen can c my tripod..FML!!

* 13.3 inch monitor screen *

* Nice & friendly use keyboard design *

* From tension view *

The only things i did was i use long exposure, or known as long shutter speed (30s). Thats y i set up a tripod. After that i use torch light to fill in the object. Yes! I got this idea from the photography magazine i bought last 2 days. It will be pretty cool if my torch light is white color =(

* All the USB port on the right side *

* The back design *

Well, i guess is time to say bye bye to my Acer Travelmate 2410. This 2 weeks i hardly use it anymore as in i keep using this new pc & soon gonna spend more time on the dell during in uni.

Thanks you Nuffnang & Dell for my this year christmas present!!

p/s anywan wanna buy my Acer lappie? though is old but still usable XP


Name A Star said...

show off !! new desktop coming soon !! ahhaa

Victoria said...

i am interested in ur old lappie! msn me!!!

JunJun-Riko said...

lansi!!!! hmph!!!!

Jackie Loi said...

@jemy ur new desktop? =P,,mana ada show off..iskkk!

@vic serious ah? u offer me Rm100 i sell terus! XD

@Jun hmmp!! u also lansi me ur samsung jet!

Tony Wan said...

Wow! Congratulation! Why u choose white? Black better wat LOL

¥ù £Ïäñg said...


Joshu@law said...

See....someone won samsung jet, others won iphone 3GS, and now you won a laptop! Maybe i should consider joining one? ;p
Anyways, congrats, jackie!

HitoMi^^ said...

congratulation!! now now now, all effort is damn worthwhile!!

KwOnG FeI said...

walau.. congrats@@
so new laptop~~~
i also wan~~

Anonymous said...

Wah so nice. Got a free laptop

Anonymous said...

Congraz wor! So good to win a netbook! :D

Jackie Loi said...

@tony LOL black very common ma =P

@yuliang thx :)

@joshua thx..yea join la! at least got chance ma =P

@hitomi yeap

@kwongfei go get lo..LOL

@carmen yea lo..lucky ;D

@joshua thx :)