Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fun Pets Day

I went to Fun Pets Day on last sun, located at Central Park. This was my first time attend such event though it held alot times in a year. Well, as a dog lover, i m very gladful to attend it.

Most of the pics are close up shot. And taken wif my 35mm, 1.8/f lens =)

* Rottweiler *

* German Shepard - i think this is d only 1 throughout the whole event *

* Pomerian. I love this shot. so cute =D *

* Pug - though alot of u dun like it, but i find it kinda cute actually *

* My gf beloved dog type, Golden Retriever *

* and this is my favourite dog, Siberian Husky! *

* Spotted another husky with blue eyes. It look fierce *

* Beagle *

* Not sure the breed name. French Bulldog? *

* Santa Claus Chi Hua Hua *

* Dalmation *

* Chow Chow *

It is fun looking all the dogs! Definitely will go again next time =D..hopefully i can bring my neagle to there as well


Josh said...

yorrrrrrrrrrr, I jeles sial... You get to see so many doggies!!! No terrier there?

BabyMocha said...

OMG! I want see doggies too! They are sooo cute! :)

Cayenne said...

aw... i love dogs a lot =) have one. 9 in age edi. =P

AngelKein♥ said...


suwen said...

Lovely Jackie..!! They look cute especially the Rottweiler!! Looks like my youngest doggie at home!! =D

Jackie Loi said...

@josh no wor no terrier..dun jealous..i bring u go next time XD

@mocha yeappp so cute 1!! =D =D

@cayenne what breed is tat? i got 2 doggie, 1 stray 1 beagle =D

@angel yeap yeap :)

@su yea lo i remember u go dog n cat in ur house XD

Čღήήϊє ﺖ said...

so cute~~~~