Friday, December 18, 2009

HDR Photography

Seen Mike & Ken did HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography before in their blog. Out of curiosity, i would love to try too however Nikon D60 doesnt have auto exposure bracketing (AEB) function, thus the exposure need to be done manually..with tripod assistance of coz ;)

I bought a new tripod yesterday, Velbon CX-888 that cost me RM120. My old tripod was broken due to some accident last few months. Thus i tried to shoot 2 places today, PV10 and my house area on difference time, day & night. Thus this are the result :

* PV10 *

* My housing area *

Night seem more noise eh..too bad..=(..anyway will try to play more..seem interesting..hehe :)


momoc hdr photography said...

nice HDR..but need more improvement

conan_cat said...

nice try at HDR! :D i think you can go out walk further and find some interesting subject matter for your tries, it'll definitely catch more attention! D

Jackie Loi said...

@momoc yea i'll practise more :)

@conan yeap sure..but not around my area..nth interesting in my area =(

Mike Yip said...

Good attempt, you don't really need to go far to find interesting subjects, the subjects are everywhere. You just have to look at it differently from the way you normally do and I'm sure you'd get what you are aiming for.

Just keep the ISO low to reduce the noise level but with HDR, noise will always be there. Just hve to use Noise reduction software to help control them lor