Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 14 : The Radio Q/Live Catastrophe)

Seem like we wun get TV-N subbed temporarily..

Kamen Rider Double Ep 14 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 14 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 14 3/3

Summary : When the Violence Dopant runs off after crushing the Clay Doll Dopant, Kamen Rider Double prepares to give chase until the Clay Doll Dopant reforms and walks off. Later, Wakana visits the Asakawa family's bakery for her show. However, Mister Question calls the bakery and tells her that he has an amazing present and gives no hints. Using what they know about him, Philip states that Mister Question is someone Wakana knows. Sneaking out, Wakana visits Philip as he learns of her family past and the little brother who helped her cope with Saeko's abuse. While this occurs, Motoko arrives to take her place in reviewing the Fumen ramen stand's products. With Wakana's help, Philip is able to deduce Mister Question's identity. After Philip promises to see her once this case is solved, Wakana makes her way to the Fumen ramen stand, and Philip's curiosity starts to get the best of him. After Wakana finishes the show, Mister Question calls, and Wakana reveals him as her manager Tsuyoshi Ageo, who walks up and assumes his Dopant form. He abducts Wakana, and Shotaro calls upon Philip as he resists reading a Gaia Library book about Wakana. Double chases the Violence Dopant on the HardTurbuler, until assuming LunaTrigger and catching him in a net projected by the Trigger Magnum and Spider Shock. When freed, Wakana asks Ageo where he received the Gaia Memory. After professing is love for Wakana, he admits the Gaia Memory was a gift from someone else and runs off with Kamen Rider Double in pursuit. Wakana goes to the Wind Wave studios, confronting Motoko who admits that she bought the Violence Memory and used Ageo to get rid of her as competition. Infuriated, Wakana becomes the Clay Doll Dopant to kill her, only to stop after remembing what both her younger brother and Philip told her. Taking advantage of Wakana's mercy as she leaves, Motoko decides to expose her on the air until Kirihiko arrives, becoming the Nasca Dopant to permanently silence Motoko. Elsewhere, Kamen Rider Double has defeated the Violence Dopant with a Trigger Stag Burst, dropping Ageo off on a rooftop once the Memory Break completes. Later, perplexed by her knowledge of Gaia Memories, Philip calls Wakana to asks her if she has a Gaia Memory as she reminds him of their promise. After asking her to wait a bit longer for their meeting, Wakana discards the Clay Doll Memory on the mansion's patio and walks away, only for Ryubee to pick it up moments later.