Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KeanYuu 21st Birthday Party

Finally, one of my youngest friend, KeanYuu turn up to 21st! Well, Basically he is 21 years old, however attitude like 13 years old and physically like 28 years old...LOL~In other word he doesnt change at all. Still the same of himself who love to "blow water".

* The birthday boy *

I expecting more ppl from SHS to attend but ended up only all d girl..and joe as well who came late. I met wif Patricia as well, sister of Danny who was one of my se-se-senior back to SHS last time. Yes she is well known in my high school last time but i just knew her by d name.

* jelly *

* Mee *

* Steamboat *

Around 10pm, a Secret Resipe cake is presented to the birthday boy and as usualy procedure, a birthday song and birthday wish. Too bad this lucky dude din kena smash face on the cake..ciz!

* Blowing...~~~~ *

Abit disappointed with the attendance of SHS friends, WHERE D HELL DID ALL D MALE DIEEEEEEE!!!???? but i still enjoying myself that night with the chit chatting session.

* With his unimate *

* and with us *


wen pink said...

lol! Happy Birthday to ur fren! So nice to be 21st!

Jackie Loi said...

lol u also been 21st b4...dun jealous XD