Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Guess what! It is Christmas! Merry Christmas to all of you!! =D

* If Ken is Santa Claus... *

have you guys every wonder "What if you are given a chance to select people around you be a real santa claus? Who would you pick?" Hmm well, for me! I would choose Chris as my Santa Claus for this year!

* My imaginary Santa Chris *

Why? becoz he is rich enuf to buy me any toys that i wan, muahahahaha!

On d other way, i also wish Josh could be my Santa Claus as well.

* My imaginary Santa Josh *

Why? bcoz he can entertain everyone wif his lame crack yet funny joke! Who know he really can make us laugh out HOHOHO!?

anyway it is Christmas! I knew it come every year. It also mean the year of every year gonna end and the beginning of new chapter in our life. More obstacle to face and i am gladly i m survive throughout this whole year. I'll work harder to achieve my ambition and dream!

Again, i would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas & Happy New Year again especially precious friends of mine =)

* Merry Christmas to my 434 Bitch Squad! *

* Merry Christmas to my Primary Classmate, or i called us as YC Gang *

* Merry Christmas to my Unimate, UCSI-an *

As well as to Nuffnang. Thanks for accompanied me for a year. You've given me a chance to explore more and widen my view. You bring me together with my precious friends. Thanks!

* Merry Christmas to you, Nuffnang! *

Lastly, Merry Christmas to my family & gf =D


plank ton said...

nice post!
i like the pic!!

Jacquelyn Ho said...

434 ftw!

nice pic hehe. i think the 434 is ze best =p

Cayenne said...

aww... merry christmas to u. =)

Jackie Loi said...

@frank LOL hahaha thx

@jacq YES 434 AWESOME! !

@cayenne merry christmas to u too =D