Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phottix Battery Grip for Nikon D60

* Battery Grip & EN-EL9A battery *

Alot of you must be wondering why am i getting a battery grip? yea i wondering myself too...too long until i make my heart and decision to keep my Nikon D60 for a longer period of time more. I dont feel like upgrading it when i thinking about that i'll b busy soon in future (probably right after this year) regardless my uni or mayb when i coming out to work. When that happen, mayb i dun even got time to take a glance on my cam.

* The battery grip *

Anyway i bought this Phottix brand after seeing alot review on web. Since Nikon doesnt release battery grip for entry level cam, thus i bought third party 1.

* Come with vertical shutter *

The battery work very well wif my cam except 1 thing..the vertical shutter need activate remote mode in order to use it. Though the vertical shutter got auto-focus, but it doesnt allowed to hold the shutter. As soon as u press it, it auto focus it and SNAPPPP!! the pic was taken..LOL

* Attached on the Nikon D60 *

* And with lens *

Well, i promise myself and everyone, after getting a new camera bag & a new tripod, i m not gonna spend money on camera gear for a long period of time. This hobby is reli money consuming..i shall save money after that for my future emergency..~~~


Dylan Phuah said...

so many gear adi lor! jelus... LOL

Jackie Loi said...

LOL...mana ada banyak -_-

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The promise will be valid for like few days only. After that u will be brainwashed again and u will spend again! lol

Jackie Loi said...

joshua if i got money la..hahahahaa money kenot spend..LOL~

viagra online said...

wow!! this phottix battery grip is really wonderful and totally different!! i would like to buy a new one for my camera

Keat Lim said...

After reading your post, I got one myself from I have to say it is quite good. Thanks for your review.

Anonymous said...

Nice gear. I got my stuff from too. Can really get good and cheap stuff from there. And keep up ur good blogging work! I follow silently. :p