Monday, December 21, 2009

Rawang Country Home HDR Photography

Went to my granma house yesterday to celebrate Guo Dung. Well, as ppl alwiz said, Dung bigger than CNY. Well, i kinda long time din take pics around and i kinda in into HDR photography recently since i got my tripod. Thus i am playing and testing around there.

* This shot was taken during rain *

* and after the rain clear.. *

All pics are taken after a bad day, rain which around 6pm+. Thus some sky seem dark (like hell or doomday or whatsoever) n

* Sunset part 1 *

* Sunset part 2 *

i know i m sucks big in shooting landscape. My brain somehow kenot progress to get nice composition -_-...though i know a little tension will make my pics look difference than others but somehow i dunno apply it..WTF..i shall practice more on it..

* I know this 1 is horizontal line..LOL WTF *

Anyway, comment are welcome :)


Anonymous said...

Lol , long time no see bro =)
Wah , the pics all are very nice and i love the scenes . Great Job !!


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

I like the 4th photo, nice HDR effects

¥ù £Ïäñg said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice wor!

Ken said...

The 'sunset part 2' shot is nice!

Jackie Loi said...

@meiyee thx :)..will practise more

@tc thx :)..hehe

@yuliang thx!

@joshua thx wor

@ken thx for d compliment :)

momoc hdr photography said...

nice HDr...Always looking HDR photo in Malaysia..looking forward to see more HDR from you

CWKen said...

wah manyak cantik aku suka :p

chingching said...

nice pic didi.. ^_^