Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zombieland Paktorlogy Screening

Yesterday i went to watch Zombieland with my gf. It was a sudden decision to made on the day b4 yesterday coz i wanted to watch it so much after heard alot review from friends. Thanks for accompany me dear :)

Went to watch at 1 Utama after taking our lunch together at Setapak. Here are the summary for the movie :

Woody Harrelson star in the horror comedy "Zombieland," which revolves around a mismatched pair of survivors who find friendship and redemption in a world overrun by zombies. Harrelson plays one of the men, a zombie fighter named Albuquerque.

It was a pretty hillarious movie but i abit disappointed on it. I think it could be more comedy on this. However i guess the part where Bill Murray appeared is d best scene. hahaha

* The 4 in a team, zombie hunter *

* The best zombie ever, clown! *

Went to apple store as well. I reli tempted to get an ipod touch now. As well a GPS navigator for my car..sigh, my last spending before new year if i got money..T_T