Sunday, January 31, 2010

My POV of Nokia Come with Music Launched

I bet everyone know the news of Nokia X6 launched party on last fri (29th Jan) at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. Well, as u guys know i am saving hard money to fund my cam gear. Thus i went there to try my luck to get X6 with Rm66..who know i can sell it for RM2k? LOL..

I went there with Jacq around 5.15 and the environment already crowded that time. Not to mention that area was jam (full with car parked at yellow line) and was rain quite heavily. Best thing is, there was a rules restricted list of items that cant bring in. Umbrella and DSLR are one of them.

But since the weather is bad tat day, i expected there will b exception where allowed us bring in the umbrella. Fortunately, the first batch of sakai who rushing and pushing in when the fences was opened manage to brought in their umbrella. I was stuck in 2nd batch ppl who unable to go in due to those babarian act and the guard block them from going in. Later the guard dun allowed me to bring in the umbrella when they opened back the fences. Ok i know rules are meant to be follow, but! rule are meant to be broken also la! c'mon it was raining and the club door not even open yet (we was standing in front the club entrance until 7pm..under rain, without umbrella). The guard was kinda rude and he throw away my umbrella like nobody business..MCB!

* Waiting the entrance to open. See the first batch ppl wif umbrella? *

So as i mentioned earlier, every1 was waiting in front the club entrance regardless back or front to wait d door officially open under d rain. That point where everyone start act babarian..not queue up, push each other and even a girl (i think younger than me) elbowed me all d way on my hand, chest and tummy when they pushing to get in the club..MCB! Queue up la! DIU! I feel like slap tat girl who elbowed me..she knew she elbowed me but still pretend like nth happen and continue elbowed me with her skinny elbow..

So the club entrance officially opened on 7pm where the environment was a mess. No line to queue (where i think Nokia management should prepare a guide line for them to queue from the begining instead every1 simply stand and elbow/push/rider kicking each other)and every1 rampaging to go in as if can kiss boy like girl instantly.

Ok i kinda understand why everyone rushing to go in. For most them i knew they want to get the coupon to buy X6 with RM66 price coz i heard the coupon was limited. As i expected, the coupon just limited to 3000 pieces. Thus alot of us unable to get it except Sam & Victoria. I dun mind for not getting the coupon as in i admit i am not the lucky first 3000 people..but what i dislike is..the rules said only those who followed dress code (which is pink or blue) only able to get the coupon. From my observation, those who din follow the dress code got themself the coupon as well. MCB! See! This rules Nokia management broke it! kanasai -__-

* Crowded.. *

* Counter where the coupon given out *

As usual, since there are singer performance and was free entrance, alot babarian fans & sakai join the event which make the whole environment very uncivilized. YES! I mentioned before in my previous AAR Concert post tat i hate underage uncivilized same goes to this case. To be honest i regret to join this thingy..the whole environment cause me no mood to stay and enjoy the concert. Thus, i went out together with Jeffro, Jacq, Alex & Bern for dinner at SS2.

I swear i am not joining any free admission event where involve all this kind of environment anymore..kinda hate it when those babarian act actually reflected to our malaysian..

*jeng jeng jeng*..bad traffic at bukit kiara when we came out from the event. Look how those pathetic idiot ppl drive..damn genius wonder jam!

* See where the car heading to? *

And thanks to this event..i can buy a new shoe ;D

* My not even a year shoe.. *

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Samsung Color Me Corby Colored Me!

Yesterday while i am in stress doing my modelling interior design, something emailed to my inbox and cheers me up. It was from Nuffnang! Omg they announced the winner for Samsung Corby blog contest. you got it rite!! is *jeng jeng jeng* time! =P

* The box! *

I went to collect it from Nuffnang office d moment i got d email coz i was only free yesterday. D others day i am busy with my assign and class. Well i am choosing Yellow Festival color for d phone ;P

* The pretty lady~ *

Just tested play it for few hours. Overall i found that it was a great phone. The touch screen was sensitive towards thumb (like iphone) and nail has no effect on it (FYI, my SE G900 more sensitive towards nail compare to thumb). Beside, the UI was simple yet attractive enuf ;)..Friendly user i must say

* Widget on left *

* Menu UI *

In addition, I am quite impressed by the scroll (or they call it accelerometer sensor) was applied on the wallpaper (only wallpaper XP) and the menu (like iphone yo). Unfortunately, the only things i disappointed was no wifi~ nvm..we got Corby brother who called Samsung CorbyPRO which come with wifi wise, i havent test it out..i dun reli bother on phone cam since i got a..Dee Ass L Are~

* 3 casing come in a package *

Anyway lets compare Corby with my newly Babe N900. Why compare? I know both are difference category phone. What i am comparing just physically appearance anyway XP..just for harm k?

* Corby on palm *

* Comparing with my N900 *

* Slimmer by alot~ *

* Height and width almost same *

Guess what? this gorgeous Samsung Corby belong to my sis now =). Kid nowday so pampered by parent~ok i m not a parent yet XP

Lastly, Thanks to Nuffnang & Samsung for the gorgeous prize ;D

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sneak Preview My New Babe

Finally! Got chance to post about my new Babe. If you guys follow my twitter, recently i have been tweeting my new babe. And *jeng jeng jeng*...This is my new babe!

Yes it is Nokia N900! I am still keeping my SE G900 as my secondary phone since my previous secondary phone ko-ed. Here some specification of N900.

And here some pics taken with my Babe N900 :)

* Love the keypad design *

* Not to mention, Kamen Rider W as theme! *

* My desktop design with W various forms..couldn't get nice pic of Fang Joker =| *

I guess i got fate with "Nine" digit...lets see...i got SEG900, NKN900, dream to get Tamron SP90mm and finally..i might get Nikon D90? all "9999999999" digits...should i start buy lottery with "9" inside there? LOL

Anyway full review about N900 will b publish once i fully play with it :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Madam Chiam Curry Noodle House

It have been long time since i tried new place or new food. Heard from Eng Kiat that nearby my uni, Taman Connaught there is a famous curry noodle house. Thus, today after class i went there together wif my unimate.

* The shop we went.. *

Madam Chiam Curry Noodle House. This restaurant been visited/interviewed by one of the Astro AEC food program called ah xian (i guess tats what it call). Thus, i believe d food should b not bad. My first impression when i reach there was "Wah crowded wei! must be damn nice".

Later we are served by a waitress (or mayb she is d boss..not sure) who tried to be friendly wif us but i just felt tat she is not trying be friendly but lanci..LOL..ok mayb i am wrong that she just dun mean it but..mayb she overdo it? when she ask us what to eat, we are asking for a menu since most of us are first timer and she answered "first time ah? can see la those on pic are our famous food bla bla" u expect me to know wtf is tat food by looking on d pic a fried chicken, you wouldn't know it was normal fried chicken or KFC friend chicken if just looking on d pic..LOL..then finally she gave us menu and when she ordering, she said "Confirm wan curry noodle ah? dun change later ah" -__-

Anyway i not ordered Curry Noodle due to my ulcer. I ordered one of their famous mee, Dry Chili Pan Mee with Egg (can order without egg also). And here is what my mee looks like...

* Dry Chili Pan Mee with Egg *

Pan Mee? Is Pan Mee went through EVOLUTION and become thinner and thinner like Lou Shu Fan? Not to mention there was no soy sauce on mee..just plain mee and manually add the chili by own..which remind me FACE TO FACE shop...

For me i think Pan Mee tat located near my house nicer than this. Oh well, individual taste anyway. I dun reli like to eat Pan Mee with that way, not to mention, that mee wasn't Pan Mee..Dun argue with me! i am Pan Mee lover! =P

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 19 : The I Doesn't Stop/That Guy's Name is Accel)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 19 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 19 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 19 3/3

Summary : While Shotaro is down in the billiards hall below his offices, he is approached by a man dressed in red who has sought out his services. In the agency offices, he identifies himself as Superintendent Ryu Terui and he needs Shotaro's assistance in investigating a crime scene covered in frost, which Shotaro soon identifies as the work of a Dopant. When Akiko gladly accepts the case on his behalf, Shotaro follows Ryu to the crime scene. Philip, however, is unsure of this new person. At the crime scene, while Shotaro gets the low down on Terui from Jinno and Makura, Terui finds a blue flower at the scene. When Shotaro wishes to see it, Ryu tells him not to interfere with the investigation as he usually does. Elsewhere, Wakana is being shown the Museum's installations at their mansion, and she is wary and not ready to join the family business yet. Ryu and Shotaro arrive at the hospital where one of the survivors is being held just as they watch him get attacked by the mysterious icy Dopant. Shotaro is about to transform when Ryu retrieves a large and unwieldy sword which he swings at the Dopant while complaining that the Kamen Rider is not here. Shotaro prepares to transform, but is delayed due to Philip's latest research topic, until they become Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker to fight the icy Dopant. He has trouble until transforming into HeatJoker and driving the Dopant off. As Ryu gives chase, he sees a woman where the Dopant just was and she runs off. He picks up another blue flower and tells Shotaro that the keywords are "ice" and "flower". They return to the agency offices where Ryu enters the hangar much to Shotaro and Akiko's surprise where they find Philip pretending to be a Saint Bernard thanks to the latest Wakana's Healing Princess. Ryu reveals that he has been spying on them with the Beetle Phone the entire time and he reveals his Accel Memory. Philip soon helps them reveal that the flower is the cornflower blue and Akiko remembers that it is the specialty flower of florist Makiko Katahira. The three of them go to her flower shop where they encounter her son Kiyoshi who tells them that she spends her time at the Futo-en amusement park. Upon their arrival, Ryu sees a shrouded woman and Shotaro and Akiko go off to find Makiko. Identifying the woman as Shroud, Ryu confronts her when she summons an attaché in front of him containing the AccelDriver. Once Shotaro and Akiko confront Makiko about the icy Dopant's attacks she runs off and the icy Dopant appears once more to attack Shotaro. Transforming directly into Kamen Rider Double HeatJoker, they fight but the Heat Memory's powers are not enough, even as HeatMetal as Double is frozen to the ground by the icy Dopant's attacks. Ryu appears with the sword, again, and activates the AccelDriver with his Accel Memory, transforming into Kamen Rider Accel. Using his strength to wield the EngineBlade and using the Engine Memory's powers to attack the icy Dopant who tries to escape on a sheet of ice. However, Kamen Rider Accel gives chase as Bike Form where he delivers a finishing blow with the Accel Glanzer. However, the icy Dopant shatters and no Memory Break occurs. They see the icy Dopant trying to escape, and when they follow it they see Makiko grasping a Gaia Memory. Kamen Rider Accel prepares to attack while Kamen Rider Double exclaims that he should not attack an untransformed human.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tooth Fairy Special Screening

Date : 25th Jan 10 (Mon)
Time : 9.00pm
Venue :TGV 1 Utama

Courtesy to Nuffnang, i got to watch Tooth Fairy for free! Although it wasn't premier screening, but as long as free, who care? =P...i brought Victoria Pang aka ABC as my guest.

Before the screening, me, Jacq & Xiang went for dinner at KFC. I ate dinner adi b4 that but the smell of KFC in addition i am KFC fanatic cause me unable to stand it and grab to eat. LOL..i ordered Zinger Tower burger. To b honest i rarely eat burger in kfc and i never had a Zinger Tower b4..Thus this is what in the burger, a meat & a hashbrown..

* Zinger Tower Burger *

Well, lets look on the movie summary

Dwayne Johnson is “The Tooth Fairy,” also known as Derek Thompson, a hard-charging hockey player whose nickname comes from his habit of separating opposing players from their bicuspids. When Derek discourages a youngster’s dreams, he’s sentenced to one week’s hard labor as a real tooth fairy, complete with the requisite tutu, wings and magic wand. At first, Derek “can’t handle the tooth” – bumbling and stumbling as he tries to furtively wing his way through strangers’ homes…doing what tooth fairies do. But as Derek slowly adapts to his new position, he begins to rediscover his own forgotten dreams.

Seriously this is so far the best movie for me in this month! Good job for Dwayne Johnson! The none stop comedy in this movie make all audience laugh like mad. In addition, the story line was great as well, unlike those lame crack joke movie without proper storyline. There was a part i touched when Derek who give up and depressed after failed to score in his game.

* When he begin to received summons.. *

* Doing his job as tooth fairy *

Overall, awesome movie! Now, I DEMAND U ALL GO AND WATCH IT! muahahahah!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kamen Rider Hercules Vector

Done another vector image, Kamen Rider Hercules (Fencer Form), one of the main protagonist rider in one of my fanfics :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Working in Sunway Converntion Centre

Last night i was too tired to updated my blog. Not even sleep yet went to work in the early morning. yes i am working yesterday! At Sunway Convention Centre. The job was introduced by Alex and joined by Jeffro & Justin as well. Together 4 of us form a JAlex group..WTF!

* Redemption Counter *

I work under redemption counter. Basically our job is kinda mess up. We work in counter, we do some kuli job as well where we need carried stock from here and there and as photographer as well.

* Our working table *

* Redeem a Planner & 2 badges *

Got chance to play Nikon D80 yo from yesterday working experience. However i still love D90 XP...i'll get it end of this year..if the replacement of Nikon D90 suckier than D90 XP..or else vice versa of coz!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kamen Rider Clevis Vector

Yesterday out of boredoom of my assign, i went to open my photoshop and play pen tools. I have no confidence using pen tool last time but i just dunno why i can use it without problem now. Thus i create a Kamen Rider using it, Kamen Rider Clevis! If you dunno who is Kamen Rider Clevis refer to here and here.

Kinda addicted playing with pen tool now XP..will draw more in future.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Went to watch this movie today at Leisure Mall with unimate after class. seem like once a week i watch movie with them now. But they are generous enuf to treated me this movie for today since i have no money left after some...*secret-to-be-reveal-soon*..hehe

As usual, a short summary about this movie :

In the supernatural action thriller Legion, an out-of-the-way diner becomes the unlikely battleground for the survival of the human race. When God loses faith in Mankind, he sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Humanity's only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner and the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany). Legion also stars Dennis Quaid, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Kate Walsh, Adrianne Palicki, Charles S. Dutton and Willa Holland and is directed by Scott Stewart.

To be honest this movie abit bored for me. Not reli impressed me. Effect wasn't as cool as i though. Action wasn't as good as i though. I do believe some christian wun like this movie..LOL..anyway love Archangel Gabriel weapon! Multifunction wei! Can drill, can expand and can grow large (if i not mistaken). Same goes to his wing! Can chop ppl! like steel..LOL!! However, those angels send by God look dumb!! They look more like zombie rather than angels..and they die with gun -__-...i rather watch Resident Evil than this movie..LOL!~~

* Most of the main character *

* Cool turn out not as cool as i expected *

* The nanny that can said FUCK YOU like nobody business. Believe me she will be ur favourite character in this movie because... *

* She can crawl on the wall like SPIDERMAN!! Opss..more like cockroach for me actually XD *

Somehow, i felt a similarity in terms of armor and wings in between Tooth Fairy and Legion angel. Except black and white...could it be they sharing the same armor? XD

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

Woops! There is new movie coming soon titled Valentine’s Day! For all couple and lover, this is a not must miss movie! There are alot features actors & actress in this show! wooohoooooo! I know alot guy and girl gonna drool over for this movie! So do i! =P

So if i am given a chance to date with one of the star in this movie during valentine day..who would it be? Ashton Kutcher? NO! Anne Hathaway? NO! Patrick Dempsey? NO! Taylor Lautner? hmm..can consider :D

OPS! Wait..i suppose to choose it as my date for valentine day! no! NOT TAYLOR LAUYA LAUTNER! I gonna choose the pretty pretty Jessica Alba! YAY BABEH!!

Since it was a valentine day, first thing i gonna do with her is shopping! I'll get whatever she like in the shopping center even it gonna cost my credit cards off limit!

After that i'll bring her to KL Tower for scenery view. I pretty sure she gonna love KL view once she look on it with her own eyes! Hooray for KL!

Next, we'll go for movie together! What movie would be our choice? Horror so that she can be damn sad and chicken out until hug me? Romantic so that it could trigger some *ahem ahem* in between us? Hahaha

After the movie, i'll drive her to Broga Hill for sunset sightviewing! I gotta say it is very beautiful and totally gonna impress her!

After some sightviewing from Broga Hill, we'll go to one of the famous restaurant for candle light dinner. Romantic right?

Finally, i'll drive here all the way to Malacca just for Eyes On Malaysia 15 mins riding! With that, she could enjoy the night scene as well!

So thats gonna be My Valentine Day with Jessica Alba! Will the director , Garry Marshall gonna used me for his next Valentine's Day production? XP

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival!

I went to Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival! on last sat courtesy to Nuffnang. There are roughly 100 participant to this carnival and divided into four groups based on Samsung Corby colors. I was assigned to White Group, together with Cayenne, Jeremy, Joshua & Spec. Oh yes, i m seperated with my 1koolz! team T__T...

Anyway, for this special post, i would love to present all my pics through Samsung Corby screen! Virtually of coz XP...on d early of morning, after we register at Sunway Extreme Park, we went in there and join the briefing about the games we gonna face. We have to complete 4 kind of challenge and compete with others group in order to win. Of coz the champion will got themself Samsung Corby each and 1st runner up will got RM2500 for whole team, not each XP..

The first game was STEPPING BALLOON. We need to send 10 representative from each teams and start tie the balloon on own leg. After tat our mission is step on enemy balloon and in the same time protect own balloon. Everyone was play crazily for this game..i guess evert1 enjoy step and kick each other eh? =P..for this game, Orange group was the winner.

Next was second challenge, TUCK-OHHHH-WOHHHH!! (Tug-O-War actually XP). I believe everyone know what is it about, thus no further explanation on this, haha. However the field we gonna play this game was in the water. Wow!! Damn slippery weh..And i believe Orange group members very imbalance! All strong and tough felor was in this team! Just like in dotA game when u have imba hero, u pawned others easily. Yupz u got it right! Orange group was the winner again for this challenge.

Later, we were guided to other location for the next challenge, CLIMB TILL YOU DROP! Lol ok no such title, i created it myself XD..Our mission was pretty ez for this challenge, we need to climb the wall and pluck out a balloon and bring back to group in 10 mins time. Every1 in a group have to climb. However some accident happened and the balloons was blown away by wind. Thus the rules change to everyone must climb until the top and touch on it in 5 mins. Obviously the most will win =P. The winner for this challenge was Yellow group.

Finally, the last challenge where everyone waiting for, PAINTBALL WAR!!! Is time to nut or shut up! Is time to shoot each other regardless ur friend or ur enemy! Muahahahaha..for this challenge, each group need send 10 representative and form 2 micro group of 5 person. The mission for this challenge is shoot ur enemy and take back the flag that located in front back to base. As i mentioned b4, Orange Group damn imba! They won again on this challenge! woahhhh!!!!!

Since Orange group won the most challenge, obviously they are grand winner! 1st runner place was drop to Yellow group who nearly won Orange group in Paintball. Congratulation to everyone in Orange group! sigh..y i m not in orange group since in d samsung corby post i said i am orange lover T_____T

Though i won nth on that day, but i had fun spending time and moment with friends in the carnival. All this stuff could never get by winning, but sharing :). Of coz after the event we did took pics as memory together :D

And lastly, good job to all Nuffie who work hard on that day! :D