Monday, January 11, 2010

Carlsberg Party with FHM Girl Next Door

* All the hottie FHM girls! *

Courtesy of Jun for the invitation, i attended Carlsberg Party at Carlsberg HQ last week friday night. Oh, we are party together with FHM Girl Next Door as well! weee!~

* The stage *

* The bar *

* Decoration *

I tod i gonna be alone but luckily i saw few familiar faces there. Weee! However i still drink alone at my place when they all went to play games in front.

* YY & Joshua *

* Hikaru & Kate *

* Jun & Kate *

* The GIRLS *

After some refreshment or dinner session, the party officially started around 9.30pm. We got a hot Emcee babe of the night! After some speech given by Jun, they started drinking beer game where the fastest drinker is the winner. Now u know why i m sitting alone drinking rather than suffer myself from drinking at the game.

* Emcee *

* Drink drink drink *

* of coz everyone who join got the goodie bag *

After the game session ended, party still continue as in every1 enjoying themself party-ing and playing the helium inside the balloon.

* Green ballloonssss! balloonsss! *

For me who already half drunk like small kid, i went camwhore and take pics wif friends and other people XD

* me.Jun.Saimat.yy.joshua *

* first time i have been surrounded by girls and take pic i know i jakun *

* jess & me *

* toufulou & me *

* Jun & me..she look more drunk than me *

* Me, Chris & one of them FHM girl, Jess *

* Me & Siao Ling, one of the carlsberg staff *

* The one and only FHM girl i took pic wif, Yvonne *

And this party is awesomeeeeeeeeeee! I manage to grab one of the Carlsberg staff to take pic wif me wif her polaroid camera. Weeee! My first ever polaroid pic!

* One of the staff who holding the polaroid cam *

* Toufulou body spoil the pic -__- *

* Final pic *

Finally, thanks again for the invitation Jun!


Dylan Phuah said...

jelus u get to be around so many lengluis...

Anonymous said...

Besarnya muka saya! lol

Jackie Loi said...

@dylan LOL..u also can..dun jealous XD

@joshua LOL MANA SATU!??

saimatkong said...

so many girls ahh