Sunday, January 10, 2010

Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge

It was a fun fun fun day yesterday! Digi Pimp My Day Challenge was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Why? it make me lost at least 5kg of weight!! muahahaha! So we 1koolz! did participated the challenge and we aint come back empty handed! We are cool rite? =P

So is time to introduce all 1koolz! cool members!

* Me, Jacq, Sam & Xiang *

* Poserrrr *

* HENSHIN! With bandana now *

Ah seriously it was my first time wear bandana on head. I have to sacrifice my styled hair tat day =(..Anyway we registered our team at Mardi Gras as in Mardi Gras was the main station for the whole challenge. While waiting instruction given, I manage to take pics with some people.

* Sam & his sis team *

* Nicole, TC & ZJ group *

* Me & Nicholas who team with other nuffies *

Well, for the whole challenge, digi broadband, camera & laptop were our best friend. We need it most of the time to take pic, upload it to facebook and blog!

* Our laptop, 1koolz! poster as bg! *

* Digi broadband *

The challenge started around 3.50pm and the duration of the whole challenge was until 6.30pm.

* All the yellow teams on action! *

we are given 8 difference task to complete at difference station and all members are required to participate on it without fail. Then get the stamp as evidence we completed the task. Firstly we went to Swatch station where...

Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with Swatch!

What we required to do on this task was record an advertisement around 30 second that related with Digi & Swatch. Of coz it need to be creative =P..Thus my team come out a crazy idea on how the ads goes..

* 3..2..1..ACTION! *

* Rewind back d video *

I know i look stu in front d camera. Dun ask me why, i am stu =P.

Next we headed to the next destination, Rainforest. At there we begin our task of..

Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with Bullseye!

All of us are given chance to blow 3 darts with the blow pipe. Basically it was like playing dart but this time we have to blow it instead use hand. Honestly is not ez for me...i guess my blowing power not reach the standard yet..too bad =(

* Rainforest staion *

* The instructor teaching me how to *

* Xiang bloww *

In the same area, few step from the 2nd task, we are facing our 3rd task which was...

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Nokia

Hallelujah! The guy let us hold his Nokia 5800XM..hahaha..ok we are given a video to watch from the handphone (so damn small until my eyes need open widely), then we are given num code and we suppose to get the clue through the num. Guess what? we aren't cool only, we are smart too! within a second we figure out the clue was BROADBAND DONE RIGHT!

* Another rainforest station *

* Watching the video *

* Keying the clue *

With the speed of light, we run to digi center for our 4th task..

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Digi

Digi center huh? Easy task at this station. We required to login to digi music and add each song from Akon & Lady Gaga to the playlist. Simple rite? As simple as reading ABC! Thus we done this task within a minute! hooray for 1koolz!!

* The digi center *

* click click, done! *

We plan to take a break from running, thus we used lift to save our energy to next destination of challenge..

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Battling Cages

This station was at battling cage, a place where ppl play baseball. OMG! It was seriously my worst sport ever. We are given opportunity to take a break as well while others team was still doing their task. In the mean time, we did some jump shot, bloggers recent hobbies..

* I know i awesome! wtf *

* Camera crew jump! *

Each member were given 15 chance to hit the ball. We got 1 point as long as a ball was hit and fly forward, fly backward not counted obviously =P. In addiiton, a special prize will given for those who do a home run! basically home run is just hit the digi banner..haha

* Instructor giving tips to us *

* Thats how we play *

* Pic wif the instructor *

We run back to Mardi Gras for the next challenge as in there is certain duration to do the task at that station which was from 4.15pm to 5.30pm.

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Mardigras

And this is the scary task i ever imagine. A pole dance! WTF! I nv dance before in my life and i have to perform pole dance as my first experience! @_@.however there was a theme for the pole dance which was ATHLETE. Thus we did some monkey jump style of ATHLETE which i dunno what kind of ATHLETE we are XD..and the result surprisingly not bad..u'll know why later..XD

* Dance, hop, jump, run like monkey! *

After hopping round and round like a monkey, we run to the Quiksilver shop for the next task

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Quiksilver

This time we are required to grab any clothes in the baskets provided and wear it. After that make a striking pose ever tot ake a pic and upload it on facebook. Guess what my team transform become?

* Do-Re-Mi-Fa *

thats what 1koolz! are! we are cool in difference way! scare onot? =P..Finally, we run to our last station!! A nightmare begin where the next task was...

Digi Internet Pimp My Day with Celebrity Fitness

My first time ever step my foot on Celebrity Fitness. We are required to run a marathon! opss..i mean on the treadmill for 800 metres in the fastest rate. A fatty like me gonna drag down the whole team =(...i complete the run in the maximum speed on 9.5km/ stamina sucks like hell..

* The instructor giving us instruction *

* 4 banana running.. *

* VICTORY! Eventhough i look dead.. *

BE HAPPY! OUR TASK FINALLY ENDDDD!! no?? NO!!! We got a final task! After we completed all the 8 task, we are given final task in Mardi Gras which was...

Digi Internet Pimp My Day with...

with what? WITH BLOGGGGG!!! We are required to blog about all the excitement and experience we gone through in few hours ago. Well is pretty fun rite? Each of us do our job separately and manage to submited the post within the time limit given! hooray for us!

* I forgot, we 1koolz! are team 3 *

* Sam blogging *

And guess what? IS PARTY TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Digi provided us an after party! And a buffet as dinner in addition a free flow carlsberg! of coz underage kid kenot drink =P..Digi AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Not to forget Nuffnang as well! =D

* everyone taking the foods *

* Me & Audrey & Tim *

* Adele group, DigiDoll *

* Me with Jojo Struys *

After the dinner, Jojo Struys went to stage and become the emcee of the night. As usually, she did a great job as emcee =D

* Who wanna drive me back?? *

And next, some sexy yet hot performance from 2 hot babes who performing pole dance (somehow they more awesome than us..of coz!). I knew all guys and cameraman never let got their eyes on those babes.

* Pole dance 1 *

* Pole dance 2 *

* Pole dance 3 *

* Pole dance 4 *

* Pole dance 5 *

* Pole dance 6 *

After some exciting yet can make us (specifically guys) melt like ice cream, next was prize giving ceremony to all winners for each category such as best war cry video, best clothes, high score in each task and etc. I cant remember all the group name and what task they did won, thus..only pics can tell u XP

* Winner for HP Mini *

* Team Beacon, winner for War Cry video *

* 2 group are tie for best clothes, DigiDoll & Kababoom *

* And the winner goes to kababoom *

* Forgot what is this.. *

* Winner for Digi Internet Pimp My Day with Quiksilver *

* Forgot what is this.. *

* Forgot what is this.. *

* Team Beacon won again! but i forgot what is it.. *

* Team Kababoom won again! for battling cages *

* Forgot what is this.. *

So, as i said earlier, we 1koolz! arent going back empty handed! We actually won something!! WOOOHOOO!! FROM THE TASK Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Mardigras!! Our Monkey dance do score a high score! WTF! Each of us won ourself chilis voucher worth RM300!! Cheerssss every1!! =D


The final performance of the party was from KL Stomper! Saw their performance few time before and yet, still as awesome as usual!

* KL Stomper 1 *

* KL Stomper 2 *

* KL Stomper 3 *

The after party end wif blast as in every guest in the party are not going back empty handed because each of us actually given a Limited Edition Prepaid Internet sim pack. What is tat? i dunno yet..din reli look on it yet XP..LOL

Some pics with friends before i went back from the after party.

* Me & Joshua *

* Me and Michelle *

* And finally, a pic wif that day OP who work harder than us, Mr Andy *

It was awesome event wasn't it? never regret joining it! Our teamwork was the best and coolest! woohooo!! Lets join again as 1koolz! team in future!!


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MichLeong said...

That key that Jojo was 'lelong-ing' to people belongs to my friend. HAHA..the photographer name is Andy lar. No meh?

Justin Hee said...

LOL, wads with my jumping pose!
Damm ugly leh! -__-||

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

you forget everything!!! apa la! LOL!

Devella said...

'I forgot what is this' 'I really forgot what is this'....==

Just forget about your prize, I'll take care well for you....gimme gimme XD

Jackie Loi said...


@michelle oh hahaha! i almost go take from her and said is mine! =P..andy or randy? i not sure..XD

@justin LOL!! u slow!! =P

@kristine rmemeber myself win mai can lo =P

@devella give u? later u gain weight u blame me! i dowannnn =P =P

sWeEtDaRLinG said...

the prizes for Digi modem, kababoom won for batting challenge... hehehe

i stole our photo, thanks ya! cheers! will credit to your blog..!

JAI said...

COngrats bro fof winning the digi pimp my day contest

Emeryn said...

hey, congratulations on your winning. Dun need jealous of me adi k?!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie!!! Kong Hei Kong Hei!!!! U r the winner.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Woohoo congratz on winning the individual pimping contest =D

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Congratulation Jackie!!! attractive post...gud job :-)