Saturday, January 09, 2010

Digi Pimp My Day : 1Koolz! Preparation

In case you dunno what is this, it is an event held by Nuffnang and Digi, Digi Pimp My Day. Jacq asked me to join this a week earlier and i agreed. Thus my team now consist 3M1F.

* My team : jacq, xiang, jackie & sam *

You migh twondering why my team called 1Koolz? it happen when we are discussing about team name, i was listening Wilber Pan song, 玩酷 (Play It Cool) and without my consciousness, i went to suggest d name as wan cool..and ended up they modified it until become 1koolz!..LOL..anyway we know we are cool..hahaha

Due to that event, we made some preparation in terms of our costume. We gonna show others team what color we are! lol sound like corby samsung adi. Anyway digi, what else color u r if not yellow? ;)

* Spraying our team name on the shirt *

* And our name as well *

* Nuffnang Logo on left *

* Some handwriting words *

* finally wrote our blog url on it ;P *

* The final result *

Well, if you are reading it now, probably i still on competition in order to win or mayb already ended. Anyway wish me good luck!! We wanna win!!

I shall end this post wif final pic, a pic of domo-kun eat my handphone.....LOL!~


" We are COOL! We play COOL! "


Joshu@law said...

Cool~ Got nuffnang logo somemore..haha!
So did you guys win? =D

` Yi Han said...

HEY! I like the shirts! :D haha!

Jackie Loi said...

@joshua won 1 of d game =P

@yihan ahaha cool rite? i give u my wan 1? XD