Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 16 : F Afterglow/Reclaim Your Partner)

Seem like we wun get TV-N subbed temporarily..

Kamen Rider Double Ep 16 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 16 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 16 3/3

Summary : When confronted by Saeko and learning his true name, Philip refuses to go with her as she assumes her Dopant form to take him by force. After resisting temption from the Fang Memory, Philip manages to escape with the RevolGarry, forced to leave Shotaro and Akiko in the hands of the Arms Dopant as he loses consciousness. While Philip wakes up in the base later, he receives a call from Kurata to comes to the Tsubasa district and surrender or else he'll kill Shotaro. Philip contemplates a way to save Shotaro, driving off the Fanf Memory until he is visited by Watcherman and Santa-chan, both looking for Shotaro, and Detective Makura, who learned of Fuyumi's visit to the agency. Learning she was released, Philip saves Fuyumi from the police as he needs answers. Though he's no longer the Kenji she knew, Fuyumi refuses to give up on her partner, giving Philip the final resolve to save Shotaro as he runs into the Fang Memory. Elsewhere, a bound Shotaro and Akiko discuss their means of escape, and Shotaro says that only their seventh Gaia Memory, the living Fang Memory, would help, but its last use was too taxing on Philip's mind and body. The next day, with Saeko watching from afar, the Arms Dopant forces Akiko to hold Shotaro over a set of spikes by rope and pulley, and just as she is to lose her grip, Shotaro is saved by the Fang Memory and Philip's arrival where he transforms into Kamen Rider Double FangJoker against Shotaro's pleas. With Philip unable to control himself, Double goes into a berserk rage attacking the Masquerade Dopants until only the Arms Dopant holding Akiko hostage is left in an attempt to get Double to stop. Just before he is to slash Akiko, Shotaro manages to find Philip within the burning Gaia Library and snap him out of the berserk rage and bring the Gaia Library back to normal. Now in control, the two finish the battle and destroy the Arms Dopant with the Fang Strider Maximum Drive, shattering the Arms Memory. Seeing Saeko drive off, with Philip's body no longer able to continue, Shotaro takes over as Double gives chase, assuming LunaTrigger to finish her off. However, the Nazca Dopant saves the Taboo Dopant at the last second with his newly mastered super speed. After saving a little girl as HeatMetal in front of Jinno and the police force, the Kamen Rider's reputation is saved and they return home. After closing the case, though Shotaro worries that the Fang Memory's resurfacing is a prelude to things to come, Akiko calls to Shotaro as Philip has decided to put on weight, to disastrous results, while the Fang Memory encounters a mysterious new Memory Gadget.