Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 17 : Farewell N/Memory Kids)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 17 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 17 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 17 3/3

Summary : On a visit to the Barber Kaze barbershop, Shotaro unknowingly comes across Kirihiko who is also there and reveals that he invented the city's mascot: Futo-kun. However, when they discover each others' identities, they decide to fight each other. The Nasca Dopant wishes to fight FangJoker, but Philip is unable to find the Fang Memory. In the middle of the fight, however, the master of Barber Kaze calls for Shotaro who has actually called upon him to find his daughter Akane who has gone missing for a few days. Shotaro agrees to take the case and returns to base. At the Sonozaki mansion, Ryubee confronts Wakana about having found her Clay Doll Memory, and she says that she lost it and was looking for it all along. As well, he asks Saeko about the progress about producing new Gaia Memories, where she recalls the events with Philip and says that she was not successful but Kirihiko has mastered using the Nasca Memory. As Philip is currently obsessed with finding the Fang Memory until Akiko puts on Wakana's show where she talks about a strange bird-man, Shotaro goes to Queen and Elizabeth for information and say that Akane has been hanging out with a bad crowd underneath a highway. When Shotaro and Akiko find them and introduces himself as a Detective, Akane's friend Touma pulls out the Bird Memory, which he then passes to his friend Yuichi who transforms into the Bird Dopant. Shotaro prepares to transform into Kamen Rider Double, but Philip has claimed he found a rhinoceros beetle and Shotaro says that it is the wrong season for those. They transform and give the Bird Dopant a beating, until Yuichi gives up and takes it out. Kirihiko has been watching the whole time and remarks that a Connect Shooter is required for Gaia Memory use and none of the children have one. However, before Double can take the Gaia Memory, it is thrown back to Touma who transforms into the Bird Dopant and takes Akane away. Once they leave, Yuichi begins writhing in pain since the Organism Connector does not exist and has injured him. Kirihiko confronts Saeko about the Gaia Memory used by children, saying that it interferes with their plan. She agrees to look into it. At the hospital, Shotaro talks to Yayoi who says that Touma got the Bird Memory and they have been using it for fun until Touma decided to attack people. They learn his next target is the Fumen ramen stand owner, and intervene before anyone can get hurt. Before he can transform, Philip shows up and says that he has discovered how the Fang Memory works by putting himself in danger and allowing it to arrive. They transform into FangJoker and manage to defeat him and cause the Gaia Memory to eject and Touma begins writhing in pain. However, it does not break, which Kirihiko says is because more than one person has been using the Bird Memory. He instead uses this opportunity to fight Double FangJoker.