Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 18 : Farewell N/Friends in the Wind)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 18 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 18 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 18 3/3

Summary : The Nasca Dopant and Kamen Rider Double FangJoker fight, and the Nasca Dopant has the upper hand with his newfound super speed powers until he suddenly falls in pain. Philip is ready to deliver the finishing blow until Shotaro stops him, saying that killing him would not be right, citing the Futo-kun poster and Kirihiko's love of Futo as a reason. Double and the Nasca Dopant end the fight and go their separate ways as Shotaro takes Touma to the hospital. Later at the Agency, as Akane blames herself for Touma, Philip returns from the Gaia Library and reveals the real Living Connector on Akane. She tells them that after she was having problems completing the high jump at school in prepartion for an event, a woman approached her and gave her the Bird Memory to help. Later, as Akane rests, Shotaro leaves to contact Akane's father that they have found her. However, Akane wakes up and attacks Philip and Akiko in a withdrawal rage before running off with one of the Spider Shock's trackers attached on her. Akane returns to the school where she comes across Saeko, the woman who had given her the Living Connector in the first place, and is given the Bird Memory once more. At the Sonozaki Family mansion, after seeing Saeko coming out of a secret doorway, Kirihiko enters it and finds himself in an underground cave system with a strange piece of equipment within it. Ryubee reveals it to be the source for first set the Gaia Memories and the center of Museum. Furthermore, Kirihiko learns that Ryubee intentionally allowed the Bird Memory to be given to children to test the new Gaia Memory's power, regardless of the consequences. An enraged Kirihiko threatens to kill Ryubee as the Nazca Dopant unless he is told how to defeat the Dopant without harming the child. But once he learned the answer, he begins writhing in pain as Ryubee explains that because he is also used to test the Nasca Memory's powers, revealing that its Level Two power is slowly killing him. Ryubee then transforms into the Terror Dopant to put him out of his misery as the Nasca Dopant escapes to only be chased by the Smilodon Dopant. But Wakana arrives and turns into the Clay Doll Dopant to save Kirihiko. Kirihiko thanks Wakana as she tells him to be true to himself, leaving to help the Kamen Rider with the knowledge he gained. By that time, Shotaro finds Akane just as she uses the Bird Memory and flies away. Shotaro and Philip transform to give chase, eventually summoning the RevolGarry to use the HardTurbuler to chase her in the air. During the fight with the Bird Dopant, she evolves into a stronger form and knocked Kamen Rider Double out of the HardTurbuler. Double CycloneTrigger tries to hold off the attacks until the Nasca Dopant appears to help by knocking the Bird Dopant out of the air and reveal its weak point with his Driver. Akane is freed after the Trigger Bat Shooting and the Nasca Dopant regresses into a pain stricken Kirihiko as reveals the Museum's existence to Double before giving him his Futo-kun keychain and leaves. Later, Kirihiko calls Saeko and asks if she would leave town with him out of love. Saeko, in response, transforms into the Taboo Dopant and blasts him with one of her energy balls, taking the Nasca Memory and saying that she has bigger plans for the Gaia Memories. As she leaves, Kirihiko feels the breeze and disappears into a cloud of dust that drifts away in the wind.