Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 19 : The I Doesn't Stop/That Guy's Name is Accel)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 19 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 19 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 19 3/3

Summary : While Shotaro is down in the billiards hall below his offices, he is approached by a man dressed in red who has sought out his services. In the agency offices, he identifies himself as Superintendent Ryu Terui and he needs Shotaro's assistance in investigating a crime scene covered in frost, which Shotaro soon identifies as the work of a Dopant. When Akiko gladly accepts the case on his behalf, Shotaro follows Ryu to the crime scene. Philip, however, is unsure of this new person. At the crime scene, while Shotaro gets the low down on Terui from Jinno and Makura, Terui finds a blue flower at the scene. When Shotaro wishes to see it, Ryu tells him not to interfere with the investigation as he usually does. Elsewhere, Wakana is being shown the Museum's installations at their mansion, and she is wary and not ready to join the family business yet. Ryu and Shotaro arrive at the hospital where one of the survivors is being held just as they watch him get attacked by the mysterious icy Dopant. Shotaro is about to transform when Ryu retrieves a large and unwieldy sword which he swings at the Dopant while complaining that the Kamen Rider is not here. Shotaro prepares to transform, but is delayed due to Philip's latest research topic, until they become Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker to fight the icy Dopant. He has trouble until transforming into HeatJoker and driving the Dopant off. As Ryu gives chase, he sees a woman where the Dopant just was and she runs off. He picks up another blue flower and tells Shotaro that the keywords are "ice" and "flower". They return to the agency offices where Ryu enters the hangar much to Shotaro and Akiko's surprise where they find Philip pretending to be a Saint Bernard thanks to the latest Wakana's Healing Princess. Ryu reveals that he has been spying on them with the Beetle Phone the entire time and he reveals his Accel Memory. Philip soon helps them reveal that the flower is the cornflower blue and Akiko remembers that it is the specialty flower of florist Makiko Katahira. The three of them go to her flower shop where they encounter her son Kiyoshi who tells them that she spends her time at the Futo-en amusement park. Upon their arrival, Ryu sees a shrouded woman and Shotaro and Akiko go off to find Makiko. Identifying the woman as Shroud, Ryu confronts her when she summons an attaché in front of him containing the AccelDriver. Once Shotaro and Akiko confront Makiko about the icy Dopant's attacks she runs off and the icy Dopant appears once more to attack Shotaro. Transforming directly into Kamen Rider Double HeatJoker, they fight but the Heat Memory's powers are not enough, even as HeatMetal as Double is frozen to the ground by the icy Dopant's attacks. Ryu appears with the sword, again, and activates the AccelDriver with his Accel Memory, transforming into Kamen Rider Accel. Using his strength to wield the EngineBlade and using the Engine Memory's powers to attack the icy Dopant who tries to escape on a sheet of ice. However, Kamen Rider Accel gives chase as Bike Form where he delivers a finishing blow with the Accel Glanzer. However, the icy Dopant shatters and no Memory Break occurs. They see the icy Dopant trying to escape, and when they follow it they see Makiko grasping a Gaia Memory. Kamen Rider Accel prepares to attack while Kamen Rider Double exclaims that he should not attack an untransformed human.