Sunday, January 03, 2010

Kristine Thong 21st Birthday Bash

Muahahhaa..finally someone same age wif me! This Miss §oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě AKA Kristine Thong finally grew up and 21st years old! Well her 21st birthday party (got birtthday party! wahhh..i m so jealous..) was held in Kuchai Lama, Golden Sun Club on 1st Jan 2010. As the host for this party and main characater as well, she required all her guest to wear red. Why red? coz she love red. Coz rose is red. Coz red is Awesome..LOL WTF

* Table theme, rose *

* Kristine..hmmp! ask us wear red and herself wore white! *

I reach there with Jacq kinda early, around 6pm though the registration started on 6.30pm. In fact no registration at all..LOL WTF.

* I seldom wear red rite? *

* Ms Kristine birthday poster *

* The interior *

* Even door gift also something red..LOL *

Buffet style are served for the whole night in her party. Another day to pimp myself until the max after the new year eve party. Cant stop myself from food especially when there are my favourite foods.

* Forgot what is this *

* Forgot what is this as well but inside got prawn 1 *

* Fried Rice *

* Fried mee *

* Fish *

* My favourite duck! *

* Mushroom and..forgot what is it *

* Chicken *

* Curry Sotong *

* Prawn *

* Taufu i think.. *

* Jelly *

* Yam biscuit or whatever it call. My another fav! *

* Dessert *

* Fu Chuk Yi Mai Tong Shui *

* Everyone queuing for food *

* People who same table with me *

I do notice that she kinda have alot cousin. The only her cousin i know was Munlee & Yihan. Ah not to mention there are alot cute kids around too who age around 3~5 years old. Of coz including the devil kid who throw her phone...hahahaha

* The cute kids *

* Tats Yihan *

Manage to camwhore around with friends who really long time din meet. Got to know Adrienne from there as well where Samantha told me she was from UCSI. Ended up she wasnt..i know yat was disappointed..haha

* She overheight me kao kao with high heel again T__T *

* Mel *

* Flora *

* Tats Adrienne *

* Amanda *

* Mass camwhore *

When we are enjoying our food halfway, finally she giving speech in front of us. It included a formally thanks for everyone who attending her birthday party, announcing that apart celebrating her birthday, it was also to celebrate her parent 25th anniversary. For a sudden, she announced there was a prize for best dress of the night. LOL WTF! We nv know there is such prize..ciz..The winner goes to her friend, SzeLin.

* Announcing the winner.. *

* The winner of Best Dress, Sze Lin *

Well, the climax for the event was none other than mass singing birthday song to our birthday girl, make a wish,blow the candletogether with her saliva & cut the cake. The most funny moment was when uncle, her father appeared and gave us a speech. He said, "Thanks for coming my daughter birthday party. She finally grow up and can marry. Hope you guys enjoy the night and must finish up all the alcohol drinks!".

* "My dotter finally grow up.." *

* Only God can hear her wish *

* Blow *

* Cut *

* All Thong's family *

* Her 2 level pandan layer cake *

Well, human tradition. When someone birthday and alcohol was provided, guess what will happen? of coz yam seng ceremony! LOL...and something hilarious happened when shout yam seng for loud and long, auntie, her mum appeared and said "Driver CANNOT DRINK!!". We immediately drop the glass of wine and hold the orange juice and said, "No la auntie! just orange juice!"..hahaha..We are so awesome!

* Yam sengggggg!! All holding wine neh *

Towards the conclusion of the party, group pics session was held.

* With all her relatives *

* With all her cousin i think *

* Majority, her friends *

2010, it have been many year ah? 4 or 3 years i think since i know Kristine. Never been so close with her until i found out last year she join Nuffnang as well. So tell me? isn't Nuffnang awesome as well? LOL wtf..promoting wrong stuff..XD

Anyway her actually birthday was 4th January. So Happy Birthday in Advance! You already got what u wishes, so dun greedy k? Mayb..i'll pray hard for u to get a bf soon..XD


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

A bf is exactly what I need. LOL!!! Cannot buy with money. Tu yg susah. :P but thanks for your post!! (:

` Yi Han said...

LOL change to orange juice HAHA!

Samantha Chow said...

haha i din hear the part about her dad saying tht she can get married already one

Jackie Loi said...

@kristine hahaha i'll pray for u everyday..other than tat dun greedy XP..n u r welcome =D

@yihan of coz! we learn art of war Shitzu b4! haha

@sam haha tat 1 i add 1 la..!! =P =P

firefly said...

wrong wrong. d 1st pic of relatives is her mother side of relatives.. n the caption "with ALL her relatives" is so-so wrong!! i m not in!!! grrrr...